Items From The Joint Collections Of Rowan Rait Kerr And His Daughter Diana Rait Kerr

Lot 348:
Lot 348
'The Umpire' William Caldercourt. Original coloured lithograph 'Sketches at Lord's No. 2' published by John Corbet Anderson and Frederick Lillywhite on 1st March 1852. The lithograph measures approximately 6"x8.75" overall. Mounted, framed and glazed and in good condition. Overall 9.5"x12.5"
Estimate: £80/120
Hammer price: £75
Lot 349:
Lot 349
After Charles J. Basebe. Alfred Mynn, Charles George Taylor, George Leopold Langdon and Roger Kynaston Jnr. Hand coloured aquatint, four on a large single sheet by C. Hunt. Originally published by W.H. Mason, October 13th 1841. The sheet measures approximately 17"x23.5", good border to edge. Framed and glazed, overall 22.25"x26". Good/very good condition
Estimate: £250/350
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 350:
Lot 350 Lot 350 Lot 350 Lot 350 Lot 350 Lot 350 Lot 350 Lot 350
'Cricket [Playing at Cricket]'. Original engraving after the original painting in Vauxhall Gardens, engraving by C. Benoist, London. Printed for Thos. Bowles and Jn. Bowles and Son 4th April 1743. Title to lower border with two stanzas of verse to either side. Mounted, framed and glazed. The images measures 13.75"x11" and overall 18.5"x17". Thin central vertical crease to image, minor wear and damage over the centre of the title
Estimate: £180/250
Hammer price: £260
Although a painting, this early engraving is at Lord's, Hayman's original painting, which was hung in a supper box at Vauxhall Gardens, has been lost. Despite the lack of genuine resemblance, the wicket-keep has traditionally been identified with William Hogarth who planned the decoration of Vauxhall Gardens with Hayman. The engraving was first issued on 4 April 1743 with the title "Cricket" and two accompanying stanzas of verse
Lot 351:
Lot 351 Lot 351 Lot 351 Lot 351 Lot 351 Lot 351 Lot 351
'Cricket at White Conduit House, Islington'. Three small original engravings showing the game being played. The first with title 'Representation of the Noble Game of Cricket as played in the celebrated Cricket Field near White Conduit House' Noble Sculp c1787, the second one, 'Cricket played by the Gentlemen's Club White Conduit House, Islington' c1784. Printed and sold by Carington Bowles of London (one of six prints of Manly Recreation, as practised in public places in and around London. Book 12 and the third entitled 'White Conduit House, near Islington. The three mounted, framed and glazed together. The frame measures 13"x23". Some age toning and odd minor stain otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £300/400
Hammer price: £460
To the back of the frame is a label stating that 'Cricket at White Conduit House. Bought off Mr James Falcke, Wigmore Street, June 27th 1934' and a further label stating that Miss Diana Rait-Kerr bought the frame of three engravings from 'Towner Art Gallery of Eastbourne' for £65, the label appears to be 1960's
Lot 352:
Lot 352 Lot 352 Lot 352 Lot 352 Lot 352
'The Eleven of England that beat Thirty Three of Norfolk in one innings & thirteen runs. July 17th 1797 & two following days'. Original engraving showing the match in progress. G. Shepheard and J. Dadley '. The engraving framed and glazed. Overall measures 15"x13". Staining to entire image hence the estimate. A rare engraving
Estimate: £300/400
Hammer price: £4000
Lot 353:
Lot 353 Lot 353 Lot 353 Lot 353 Lot 353 Lot 353 Lot 353
'Portraits of Alfred Mynn, Esqr. and N. Felix Esqr. taken just previous to their playing the return single match for the Championship of England at Bromley, Kent. Septr. 29th 1846'. Large excellent lithograph of the two players, one holding a bat, the other a ball after Nicholas Felix, drawn on stone by C. Cousens and printed by C. Graf. Published by Bailey Brothers of Cornhill. Mounted, framed and glazed. Overall 17"x23". Some age toning and light staining to image otherwise in good condition. A rare image
Estimate: £500/800
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 354:
Lot 354
'Louis Busiere. Portrait of Lewis Cage standing in a landscape, holding cricket bat and standing next to stumps and ball'. Coloured mezzotint published by Henry Graves, London, 1929 and signed 'L. Busiere' to lower right border. 'Print Sellers Association Blindstamp' to corner. Attractively mounted, framed and glazed. Overall 23.5"x32". Some foxing spots to image otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £200/300
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 355:
Lot 355
'The Cricket Boy'. Eleanor Milner (1860-1953) after Thomas Gainsborough. mezzotint, published by G.C. Klackner, 1922, 18.75 by 13.75ins. (47.6 b. Coloured mezzotint published by G.C. Klackner, London 1922, and signed 'Elenor Milner' to lower right border. 'Print Sellers Association Blindstamp' to corner. Attractively mounted, framed and glazed. Overall 22.5"x29". Minor soiling to mount to image otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £250/350
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 356:
Lot 356 Lot 356 Lot 356 Lot 356 Lot 356 Lot 356 Lot 356
'To the Earl of March, the subscribers and Cricketers of Sussex. This print of the late Daniel King is dedicated by permission, By their humble servant John Lush' 'Sharp, Litho, Gerrard Street, London' c1836. Extremely rare large coloured lithograph of Daniel King standing full length in cricketing clothes, complete with cravat and top hat, taking guard in front of three stumps, with Goodwood House (near Chichester, Sussex) to background, a flag flying above the portico. The image measures 14.25"x19". Mounted, framed and glaze, overall 22.5"x27". Some ground dirt to title otherwise in good condition. Colour bright, a colourful and striking image rarely seen
Estimate: £1000/1500
Hammer price: £2300
Daniel King was known to his contemporaries as 'the great cricketer' but it is likely that his exploits on the cricket field would have been long forgotten but for the chance survival of this portrait painted around 1835 and a pocket handkerchief. The handkerchief depicts an adaptation of Hayman's painting 'Cricket in Marylebone Fields and surrounded by the 1744 Laws of the Game. On the back of the frame is a newspaper cutting dated 1869 refers to having seen an old silk handkerchief given by Daniel King to Mr J. Humphrey of Donnington near Chichester in Sussex on his deathbed. The handkerchief was presented to Sussex County Cricket Club at Hove by Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey of Chichester. Daniel King was born in 1784 and first appeared in the local papers as a cricketer of note in 1814. Local newspapers continued to record his prowess and King first appeared in 'Scores & Biographies' in 1822 when he was top scorer for Goodwood, Boxgrove and Hampnett versus Midhurst at Goodwood Park. After a ten year gap he re-appeared in Scores & Biographies' in 1834 at the age of fifty, opening the batting with the Earl of March for Goodwood versus Duncton again at Goodwood Park. He died in 1836 aged 53 and the gentlemen of Chichester, having a short time since, entered into a subscription for the purpose of having his portrait painted, and presenting it to him as a mark of respect. Mr Lush was employed to paint the picture. It is believed that the painting was planned to be presented in the week of his death. The melancholy task was doubtless performed and the widow posses the relic of her lamented partner. John Lush's diary reveals that he was a cricket enthusiast and had almost certainly watched Daniel King play. John Lush painted the original portrait of Daniel King some time in 1835 or 1836. The lithograph of the painting was made by Sharp of Gerard Street, Soho, London soon after. This lithograph appears to be a proof copy, 'Proof' printed to the right hand border to the right of the title
Lot 357:
Lot 357 Lot 357
'A Cricket Match between Sussex and Kent' C1850/60's [?]. Hand coloured lithograph of the famous cricket scene set in Ireland's Royal Brighton Gardens. This composite picture features many of the great players and statesman of the day, although they never competed together in the same match. The lithograph with title to lower border, by S. Lipschitz of Hamburg, purported to be a pirate lithograph. Attractively mounted, framed and glazed, overall 32"x26". Minor soiling and minor foxing to image and minor wear to lower border otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £250/350
Hammer price: unsold
There are various labels to verso, one headed Towner Art Galley, Eastbourne valuing the lithograph for Miss D. Rait-Kerr at £50, another smaller label for 'The Parker Gallery, Albemarle Street, London' and another large label with typed details of the image 'This picture is an early state of a lithograph by S. Lipschitz of Hamburg of a match in the Brighton Ground. Later states of which at least three exist, bear the names of both the lithographer and of the London publishers. The picture is based on and closely resembles an engraving published in February 1849 by W.H. Mason, engraved by G.H. Phillips from a picture executed by W. Drummond with some assistance from C.J. Basebe. The original painting commenced in 1843 took five years to complete, and it is not surprising to find that in that interval before publication six of the characters had died, and the players changed so that the personae dramatis do not agree with any recorded contest between Sussex and Kent'. The names and clubs of each player are typed below the above statement
Lot 358:
Lot 358 Lot 358
'Key Plate to W.H. Mason's drawing of a Cricket Match at Brighton, between the Counties of Sussex & Kent'. Rare original key plate which accompanied the engraving after the original by William Drummond and Charles J. Basebe, published by W.H. Mason 1849. The print shows the diagrammatic layout of the ground and the players and spectators, many numbered and listed below. Featured names include Felix, the Mynns, Lillywhite, Lord Charles Russell, Wisden, Pilch etc. The print, framed and glazed, measures 16.25"x11". Some creasing otherwise in good condition. Sold with a republished copy of Alfred D. Taylor's 'The Story of a Cricket Picture (Sussex v Kent) 1923' published in 1972
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: unsold
Alfred D. Taylor in his book 'Story of a Cricket Picture' 1923 states that there are a total of five key plates in existence, three being issued from the house of Mason.

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