Cricket Prints, Original Artwork & Paintings

Lot 502:
Lot 502
'Skeleton Leg Guards'. Pair of early original late 19th century open ribbed (skeleton) cane and leather batting pads. Minor wear and staining, otherwise in remarkably good condition with all straps and buckles intact
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 503:
Lot 503 Lot 503
Paul Jarvis. Yorkshire, Sussex, Somerset & England 1981-2000. England white long sleeved cricket shirt with emblem to chest. Initials 'P.J.' and 'JAR' to back of neck in inner label. Sold with a selection of cricket shirts etc. An England cricket shirt with emblem to chest (player unknown), an ECB Scrumpy Jack' cricket shirt, a Middlesex cricket shirt (player unknown) and a light blue and dark blue long sleeved cricket sweater (possibly Packer era?). Sold with a Brisbane Bull maroon and yellow baseball style cricket cap. Good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 504:
Lot 504
Derek Randall. Nottinghamshire & England. A selection of cricket attire originally the property of Randall. Items include a white cricket sun hat signed to the rim by twelve Nottinghamshire players. Signatures include Randall, French, Robinson, Cairns, Evans, Field-Buss etc. Other items are two pairs of cricket trousers worn by Randall in 1993, his final season, and a pair of track suit trousers, each with a note of authentication signed by Randall. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 505:
Lot 505
Bruce French. Nottinghamshire & England. Original England white short sleeve shirt by Kent & Curwen, unopened in original packaging. Originally sold in the Bruce French Benefit Year auction in 1991, with compliment slip signed by French. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 506:
Lot 506 Lot 506
Derek Randall. Nottinghamshire & England. Original M.C.C. tour sweater by Kent & Curwen with M.C.C. colours to neck, waist and cuffs. Worn by Randall on the 1977 tour to Australia for the Centenary Test, Melbourne, 12th-17th March 1977. 'Derek Randall' written to label in Randall's own hand. Randall scored 174 in England's second innings, Australia won by 45 runs. Includes a note of authentication signed by Randall. VG
Estimate: £80/120
Lot 507:
Lot 507
Nottinghamshire C.C.C. Navy blue blazer by James Barry with embroidered Club emblem in gold coloured thread attached to breast pocket. The blazer worn by Fred Buxton, dressing room attendant 1987-1988. VG
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 508:
Devon Eugene Malcolm. Derbyshire & England 1984-1997. Navy blue lined blazer by Kent & Curwen with silver emblem of 'George & Dragon' square emblem sewn to chest. Worn by Malcolm and previously sold by Knights as lot 118 of the Devon Malcolm Benefit auction in August 1997. Good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 509:
Lot 509
David Denton. Yorkshire & England 1894-1920. An M.C.C. scarf and self tie bow tie previously the property of David Denton. Both in somewhat distressed condition with loss, tears etc. It is believed the vendor, recently deceased, bought the items at a cricket auction in the 1980/90's, due to his death, that cannot be verified
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 510:
Lot 510
Cyril Frederick Walters, Glamorgan, Worcestershire & England 1928-1935. An M.C.C. scarf and tie, by Albert Thrussell Ltd of Birmingham, previously the property of Cyril Walters. Good/very good condition. It is believed the vendor, recently deceased, bought the items at a cricket auction in the 1980/90's, due to his death, that cannot be verified
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 511:
Lot 511 Lot 511
John Richard Reid. Otago, Wellington & New Zealand 1947-1965. Official New Zealand silk tie with silver ferns and 'NZCC XI' emblems on black background, issued to Reid for the 1965 tour to England. The tie by 'Eskay' of Wellington with Reid's name in ink to label. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Reid was captain of the New Zealand team in thirty six matches 1955-1965
Lot 512:
Lot 512
Eddie Barlow. South Africa. Official South Africa tie by 'Regent' with Springbok emblems on green background, issued to Barlow during his Test career. The tie with accompanying white card signed by Barlow, and a business card of Ian Thomson (Sussex & England) stating this was Barlow's tie. It would appear that the tie was given by Barlow to Thomson on the 1964/65 M.C.C. tour to South Africa, of which Thomson was a member and played in all five Test matches. G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 513:
Lot 513
Ian Callen. Victoria & Australia. Official Australia tie by 'Holly Green' with Australia cricket emblems and gold stripes on green background, issued to Callen for the 1977/78 tour to West Indies. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 514:
Lot 514
Desmond Haynes. Barbados, Middlesex & West Indies. Official West Indies Test maroon tie with green and white stripes by 'Bill Edwards' of Swansea, issued to and worn by Haynes in his playing career. The tie was donated by Haynes to the testimonial of David Smith (Surrey & England) and sold by Knights in the auction of September 1994. Accompanying the tie is a Knights compliment slip signed by Smith, and a cutting image signed by Haynes laid to white card. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 515:
Lot 515
Qasim Omar [Umar]. Pakistan. Official Pakistan Test green tie with star emblem, white and gold stripes by 'Bill Edwards' of Swansea, issued to and worn by Omar in his playing career. The tie previously sold on Omar's behalf by T. Vennett-Smith in November 1997, with accompanying certificate of authenticity signed by Vennett-Smith, and white card signed by Omar and dated 27th August 1988. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Qasim Omar made twenty six Test appearances for Pakistan 1983-1987
Lot 516:
Lot 516
Sarfraz Nawaz. Pakistan. Official Pakistan Test green tie with repeating white star emblems, by 'Bill Edwards' of Swansea, issued to and worn by Sarfraz in his playing career. 'Sarfraz' handwritten in ink to label. Date unknown. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 517:
Lot 517
Cyril Frederick Walters. Glamorgan, Worcestershire & England 1923-1935. Official England 'home' Test silk tie with repeating three lions and crown emblems on navy blue background, by 'Simpson' of Piccadilly. Issued to and worn by Walters in his playing career. Date unknown. Minor staining, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 518:
Lot 518
Cyril Frederick Walters. Glamorgan, Worcestershire & England 1923-1935. Four ties issued to and worn by Walters. Ties are for Glamorgan C.C.C., a Navy blue Wales tie, official England v Australia Centenary Test 1980 with Walters' name handwritten in ink to label, and an M.C.C. 'City' tie. G
Estimate: £30/40
Walters captained Worcestershire 1931-1935, made eleven Test appearances for England in 1934 and 1935, and played three times for Wales 1927-1929
Lot 519:
Lot 519
David Paul Hughes. Lancashire First XI tie issued to and worn by Hughes in his playing career. The tie was donated by Hughes for the Derek Randall testimonial auction with accompanying handwritten letter of authenticity, in which Hughes states he 'shall be delighted to help "Arkle"', on official Lancashire C.C.C. headed paper, signed by Hughes and dated 3rd May 1993. Sold by T. Vennett-Smith as lot 1961 in the November 1993 auction. VG
Estimate: £15/25
Lot 520:
Lot 520
Nicholas Grant Billson 'Nick' Cook. Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & England. Six ties issued to and worn by Cook, each tie with a note of authentication signed by Cook or later owner. Ties are Young England player's, M.C.C. club touring, Cornhill Test players' and officials' tie issued to Cook for the Test series, England v West Indies 1984, with signed note of ownership by David Ripley (Northamptonshire), Leicestershire Second XI, Leicestershire Schools Cricket Association, and National Cricket Association. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 521:
Lot 521
Roy Swetman. Surrey, Nottinghamshire, Gloucestershire & England. Official England 'home' tie Test silk tie with repeating three lions and crown emblems on navy blue background. Issued to and worn by Swetman in his playing career. Date unknown. G/VG
Estimate: £40/60
Swetman played in eleven Test matches for England 1959-1960
Lot 522:
Lot 522
Allan Lamb. Northamptonshire & England. Official Prudential World Cup tie issued by the T.C.C.B. to Lamb for the tournament held in England 1983. Previously acquired by the vendor at Lamb's testimonial auction at Northampton held in November 1996. G/VG
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 523:
Lot 523
Bruce Nicholas French. Nottinghamshire & England. M.C.C. touring tie in red, black and gold colours, issued to French for the tour to India 1984/85. Sold with matching bow tie and cravat. Accompanying handwritten note by French states that the 'bow tie and cravat are only one of 20 made and were made in India on the 1984-85 tour', signed by French on his 1991 Benefit Year compliment slip. Qty 3. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 524:
Lot 524
Bruce Nicholas French. Nottinghamshire & England. Tie issued to French for the England 'Rebel' tour to South Africa 1989/90 with accompanying handwritten note signed by French on his 1991 Benefit Year compliment slip. VG
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 525:
Lot 525
Richard Timothy 'Tim' Robinson. Nottinghamshire & England. Two ties issued to Robinson 1987/88, one for the tour to Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand, the other for the World (Reliance) Cup held in India and Pakistan. Includes a card of authentication signed by Robinson. VG
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 526:
Lot 526
Worcestershire C.C.C. Large box of over eighty cricket ties, many with Worcestershire cricket interest, including club, Benefit, cup and county championship winning seasons etc. M.C.C. 'City' tie, Some overseas ties including Zimbabwe inaugural Test match ties etc. Gooid selection
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 527:
Lot 527 Lot 527
Yorkshire navy blue 1st XI cap. Early navy blue cap, with the Yorkshire white rose emblem to the front. The cap, with smaller peak, typical of a pre first world war cap, by E.C. Devereux of Eton. The stem of the rose emblem in white rather than the later green stem. The cap in good/very good condition. Unfortunately the owner of the cap sadly died recently and so we do not know who the cap was worn by. Rare
Estimate: £120/160
Lot 527a:
Lot 527a
Cricket ties. Selection of over seventy five ties. Includes M.C.C. (egg & bacon), M.C.C. City, Middlesex, Sussex members etc, Benefit ties, Mayalsia, France, Italy, U.S.A. Cricket Association ties, World Cup 1979 etc. Good selection. Plus an M.C.C. seat cushion. Sold with a small collection of nine Rugby ties, Rugby League World Cup 1995, Rugby World Cup 2003, John Player Cup tie 1979-1981, Welsh Rugby tie etc. Odd faults, good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 528:
Lot 528
Donald Wilson. Yorkshire & England, 1957-1974. Yorkshire navy blue cloth 1st XI cricket cap worn by Wilson. The cap, by 'Herbert Sutcliffe of Leeds', embroidered with the White Rose of Yorkshire to cap. Name 'Don Wilson' handwritten to label. Some minor wear otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £80/120
Don Wilson made over 400 first class appearances between 1957 and 1974. He made six Test appearances for England between 1964 and 1971. He took almost 1200 wickets at an average of 21
Lot 529:
Lot 529
Ashley Metcalfe. Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire 1983-1997. Yorkshire navy blue cloth 1st XI cricket cap worn by Metcalfe, embroidered with the White Rose of Yorkshire to front. Handwritten note of authentication from Metcalfe. G
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 530:
Lot 530
Harold William Warner. Cricket collector, Kent cricket enthusiast and author of cricket books. Hooped maroon, gold and black cricket cap, by 'Charles Mattocks & Son of Canterbury'. 'H.W. Warner' handwritten to label in cap. Good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Mattocks were outfitters to the Simon Langton School in the 1920/30's. The auctioneer believes Warner attended the school and they still have a trophy entitled the 'Harold William Warner Cup for Players' Player of the Season' which is awarded annually
Lot 531:
Lot 531
Hampshire Hogs Cricket Club cap. The cloth cap, by 'Foster of London', in mauve, black and red coloured bands. Some wear, good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 532:
Lot 532 Lot 532 Lot 532
Mark Saxelby. Nottinghamshire, Durham & Derbyshire. Green baseball style Nottinghamshire Sunday First XI cap worn by Saxelby, with signed note of authentication. Sold with one long sleeve and one short sleeve Nottinghamshire 2nd XI woollen sweaters worn by Saxelby in 1993. Both sweaters with Nottinghamshire colours, club emblem and sponsor's logo to chest, each with signed note of authentication. Qty 3. VG
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 533:
Lot 533
Chris Broad. Nottinghamshire & England. Navy blue Nottinghamshire baseball style cap with County crest emblem embroidered to front. Worn by Broad in his playing career with signed note of authentication VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 534:
Lot 534 Lot 534
Bruce French. Nottinghamshire & England. Navy blue cloth cap with England lion emblem embroidered to front. Issued to French on the 1978 U-19 series against West Indies. Signed by French to the inside label. Includes compliment slip signed by French describing the three matches in the series at Scarborough (won), Worcester (draw) and Arundel (draw). Originally sold in the Bruce French Benefit Year auction of 1991. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 535:
Lot 535 Lot 535
Bruce French. Nottinghamshire first XI woollen cap with embroidered County crest emblem to front, worn by French in his playing career. Signed by French and dated 1980 to inside label. Minor signs of wear, overall in good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 536:
Lot 536
Andy Pick. Nottinghamshire second XI woollen cap with embroidered County crest emblem to front and '2nd XI' below, worn by Pick in his playing career with note of authentication signed by Pick. G/VG
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 537:
Lot 537
Nottinghamshire green woollen cap with later (c. 2010) embroidered leaping stag emblem to front and 'Notts' below. Player unknown. G/VG
Estimate: £50/70
The leaping stag emblem, adopted from the Nottingham City Coat of Arms, was first used in 1996 and updated in 2005
Lot 538:
Lot 538
'The England Eleven'. First tour to Australia 1861/62. Small original sepia photograph of the touring party standing and seated wearing cricket attire. Printed caption to verso, 'Photographed previous to their departure for Australia' with the players' names printed below. Players are Bennett, Mudie, H.H. Stephenson, Hearne, Caffyn, Griffiths, Iddison, F. Stephenson, Lawrence, Mortlock, Sewell and Mr. Mallam (Australian Representative). The photograph measures 2.75"x3.5". Photographer unknown. Small stain and minor wear, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £200/300
Lot 539:
Lot 539 Lot 539
Australian tour to England 1912 Triangular Tournament. Original sepia press photograph of four members of the Australian touring party and two others sitting on board ship wearing overcoats and trilby hats, three with a blanket covering their legs. Players' luggage/ cricket bags are seen on surrounding chairs. Players featured are Andrews, Ryder, Bardsley, Richardson. The photograph by Photopress of London measures 10"x8". Loss to three corners, tears and creasing with tape repairs to verso, otherwise a nice image in good condition
Estimate: £50/80
The inaugural Triangular Tournament between England, Australia and South Africa was won by England with four wins in their six matches. The tournament was not considered a success due to Australia sending a weakened side and poor weather affecting attendances
Lot 540:
Lot 540 Lot 540
Australia tour to England 1921. Ten mono restrike photographs of match action from the 1921 tour. Photographs include Mailey bowling in the opening tour match v Leicestershire. Four from the fourth Test at Old Trafford featuring Russell (England), Gregory, Collins and Macartney (Australia). Five from the fifth Test at The Oval featuring Tennyson, Parkin and Russell (England). Each photograph measures 8"x6". Press Association, London. VG
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 541:
Lot 541 Lot 541 Lot 541 Lot 541
Australian tour to England 1926. Black file comprising a collection of fifty one mono press restrike photographs of match action from 1926 Ashes series. Photographs include seven from the second Test at Lord's, thirteen from the third Test at Headingley, fourteen from the fourth Test at Old Trafford, and seventeen from the fifth (final) Test at The Oval. Players featured include Carr, Sutcliffe, Tate, Root, Stevens, Hobbs, Chapman, Rhodes (England), Richardson, Macartney, Kilner, Ryder, Bardsley, Woodfull, Grimmett (Australia) etc. All photographs by Central Press Agency, London. Approx. 8"x6". Sold with two original mono press photographs from the 1926 tour including the Australians meeting the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, at a reception given by the Institute of Journalists in London on 20th April, and Richardson being bowled out by Rhodes in the final Test at The Oval. Qty 53. VG
Estimate: £150/250
The first Test was abandoned in the eighteenth over of the first innings and no further play was possible. With the first four matches of the series drawn, the final 'timeless' Test was played out to a finish. In the second innings,Hobbs and Sutcliffe, batting on a sticky wicket, managed to put on a opening stand of 172 when Hobbs was out for exactly 100. Sutcliffe went on to score 161 with England winning comfortably by 289 runs, so regaining the Ashes
Lot 542:
Lot 542 Lot 542 Lot 542 Lot 542
'Johnnie Walker Test Match Scoreboard at Margate' 1930. Fourteen mono candid photographs laid to album pages of scenes at Margate during the fifth and final Ashes Test at The Oval on 16th-21st August 1930. The photographs include scenes of large crowds gathered to view the scoreboard installed over the entrance to St George's Hotel. One photograph shows the scoreboard at the end of the second day's play with Australia's score at 215/2, Kippax on 11no and Bradman 27no, Woodfull out for 54 and Ponsford out for 110. Another photograph of the scoreboard from the fourth day of the same Test shows England's first innings score of 405, and Australia's 695. England are 118/3, Sutcliffe having just been dismissed for 54 with Duleepsinhji on 37no. A further photograph shows the internal workings of the scoreboard. G/VG - cricket. An excellent set of photographs, each measuring approx 4"x2.5". Sold with a commemorative silk scorecard for the match. VG
Estimate: £70/100
With the series tied at 1-1, the final deciding match was won by Australia by an innings and 39 runs on the sixth day of the 'timeless' Test. For England, Sutcliffe scored 161 in their first innings. For Australia, Bradman scored 232 and Ponsford 110, Peebles taking six wickets for England. England were bowled out for 251 in their second innings, Hornibrook taking 7-92 for Australia to clinch victory and the series
Lot 543:
Lot 543 Lot 543 Lot 543 Lot 543
Don Bradman. Australia tours to England 1930 and 1934. Sixteen original mono press photographs, the majority featuring Bradman in batting action during the 1930 and 1934 tours, one of Bradman head and shoulders wearing overcoat and trilby hat, a further head and shoulders portrait photograph of Bradman in cricket attire, and walking along Regent Street in London. The photographs all with some degree of press masking, some significant. Press agencies include Daily Mail, Sport & General, Planet News, Central Press Photos, Northcliffe Newspapers, London News Agency etc. Various sizes, 9.5"x7" and smaller. Mixed condition
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 544:
Lot 544
The Ashes 1928/29. Original mono photograph of Walter Hammond in batting action during his innings of 251 in England's first innings of the second Test match at Sydney, 14th- 20th December 1928. Looking on are Australian wicketkeeper, Bert Oldfield, and 'Stork' Hendry at slip. Signed in ink to the photograph by all three players. The photograph measures approx. 7.5"x5.5", mounted with printed title below, framed and glazed, overall 11.5"x11". VG
Estimate: £100/150
England beat Australia by eight wickets
Lot 545:
Lot 545 Lot 545
M.C.C. tour to Australia 1928/29. Original sepia press photograph of Jack Hobbs and Douglas Jardine walking out to open the innings in the fifth Test at Melbourne, 8th-16th March 1929 (timeless Test). Hand written description 'from Bob to Ralph' to lower left corner of the photograph. 12.5"x10.5", in modern mount, overall 16"x12.75". Tears, creasing and pin holes, otherwise a good original image
Estimate: £40/60
With England having already retained the Ashes by winning the first four Tests, Jardine opened the batting in place of the injured Sutcliffe with Hobbs who was playing in his last Test match in Australia. In the first innings Hobbs (142) and Leyland (137) made centuries, with Woodfull scoring 102 and Bradman 123 in reply, Australia eventually winning by five wickets
Lot 546:
Lot 546
Australia tour to England 1934. Original mono press photograph of the Australian team being booed as they are coming out to field in the tour match v Nottinghamshire at Trent Bridge, 11th-14th August 1934. The photograph press caption to verso states 'The scene at Trent Bridge today showing the Australians booed when coming out to field against Nottinghamshire. Following the news that Voce, who bowled leg-theory with such great success on Saturday, would take no further part in the match, it was reported that some of the County Committee had resigned'. 9.5"x7.5". Central Press Photos. A nice image in very good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Voce had taken eight wickets for 66 runs in the Australians' first innings bowling 'bodyline' tactics. The match ended in a draw, Brown making 100no for the Australians in their second innings
Lot 546a:
Lot 546a Lot 546a
The Ashes. M.C.C. in Australia 1932/33 to 1970/71. A selection of eleven original mono press photographs of action from Ashes series played in Australia. Images include Eddie Paynter batting at Adelaide in the 1932/33 series. From 1936/37, George Tribe playing a pull shot, Godfrey Evans at the stumps at Sydney, Ken Farnes losing his off stump at Adelaide (photograph laid to mount). Three from the 1946/47 series, Washbrook caught by Barnes off Miller, at Brisbane, Hardstaff bowled by Toshack at Adelaide, Voce batting at Brisbane(?). Hutton and Washbrook walking out to bat at Sydney, 1950/51. England players including Hutton, May and Graveney being introduced to dignitaries on the 1950/51 tour. From the 1958/59 tour, Bailey and Richardson walking out to bat at Melbourne, Hutton batting in the nets with Evans at the wicket. McKenzie of Australia holding his head having been struck off the bowling of Snow in the 1970/71 series. Photographs by Sport & General, Herald Feature Service Melbourne, C. Mail, Central Press Photos, Consolidated Press, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald-Sun, John Fairfax etc. Various sizes, 8.5"x6.5" and smaller. G
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 547:
Lot 547
Touring teams in transit 1932-1970. A good selection of eighteen original mono press photographs depicting touring parties on board ship, on planes, and at airports. Includes the odd restrike photograph. Images include members of the M.C.C. touring party on board the deck of the Orontes for the 1932/33 'Bodyline' tour, Stirling Castle 1946/47, Stratheden for the 1950/51, and S.S. Orsova for the 1954/55. Others depict fielding practice on the deck of the Stratheden 1950, Howard (Manager) and Barnett taking part in a golf putting game on board the Orion on the 1936/37 tour to Australia, also touring parties on the steps of planes including the Australians tour to England 1956, M.C.C. to Australia 1962/63, to Ceylon and Pakistan 1969, to Australia 1970/71, International Cavaliers to Jamaica 1970 etc. Publishers include Daily News, Reuter, Charles E. Brown, Press Association, Cutty Sark Whisky, Sport & General, Central Press Photos, etc. Various sizes, 10"x8" and smaller. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 548:
Lot 548 Lot 548
Leonard 'Len' Hutton. Yorkshire & England 1934-1955. 364 record score 1938. Wonderful original sepia press photograph of Hutton running up the pavilion steps at The Oval, having just completed his record score of 364 for England against Australia in the fifth Test. Suited members are standing to applaud him and a young, smartly dressed youth pats Hutton on his back as he passes, cameramen in the background are seen capturing the moment. Central Press Photos, London. 12"x10". Light crease to one corner, otherwise in very good condition
Estimate: £100/150
England's victory by an innings and 579 runs remains a record victory by an innings to this day in Test matches. Hutton made 364, Leyland 187 and Hardstaff 169no. Bradman and Fingleton did not bat in either of the Australian innings due to injury. The Ashes series was drawn, Australia retained the Ashes
Lot 549:
Lot 549 Lot 549
Len Hutton 364. England v Australia, fifth Test, The Oval, 20th- 24th August 1938. Large original mono press photograph of a general view of The Oval on the third day's play, with Maurice Leyland in batting action with Hutton at the non-striker's end in their second wicket stand of 382, packed stands in the background. Stan McCabe is the bowler. Leyland was dismissed for 187, Hutton famously went on to make the record individual score of 364, England declaring on 903-7 and winning by an innings and 579 runs. The photograph by Central Press Photos, London, measures 12"x10", with some marks from the original negative, the print itself in very good condition. An excellent image
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 550:
Lot 550 Lot 550
Test teams meeting royalty 1937-1955. Ten original mono press photographs of Test teams being introduced to royalty at Test matches in England. Images depict R.W.V. Robins shaking hands with Princess Elizabeth at Lord's, 1937. George VI meeting the Australian team at Lord's 1938. R.S. Grant, captain of West Indies shaking hands with George VI, Lord's 1939. England team being presented to the Duke of Edinburgh at The Oval 1949. The Queen being introduced to the Australian at Lord's 1953. Walter Hammond introducing George VI to the England team at Lord's 1946. Two photographs of George VI meeting the South African team, Lord's 1947. Two of the South African team meeting Queen Elizabeth II at Lord's 1955. The majority by Sport & General, also Central Press Photos. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 551:
Lot 551 Lot 551
Don Bradman 1938. Original mono press photograph of Bradman being carried off the field at The Oval having injured his foot in the fifth Test. Date stamp to verso, 23rd August 1938. Central Press Photos, London. 9.5"x7.25". G/VG - cricket
Estimate: £25/35
The record breaking fifth Test Match at The Oval England scored 903-7, Len Hutton scoring 364, Maurice Tate in his last Test match 187, and Joe Hardstaff 169no. Bradman's injury prevented him from batting in either of Australia's innings. England won the match by an innings and 579 runs to tie the series 1-1
Lot 552:
Lot 552 Lot 552
'England's record-breaking Test team 1938'. England v Australia, fifth Test, The Oval, 20th- 24th August 1938. Large original mono press photograph of the victorious England team at the Oval after the final Test of the series. The England team, depicted seated and standing in rows wearing cricket attire, had achieved a world record score of 903-7 declared and beat the Australians by an innings and 579 runs to draw the series. Hutton scored a then world record score of 364. The photograph by Central Press Photos, London, measures 12"x9". Minor creasing to corners, otherwise an excellent image in very good condition
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 553:
Lot 553 Lot 553
The Ashes. Australia v England, Sydney 1946. Mono press photograph of Don Bradman in batting action in partnership with Syd Barnes during their record fifth wicket partnership of 405 in Australia's first innings of the second Test, Sydney, 13th- 19th December 1946. Barnes and Bradman both scored 234. The photograph, which appears to be original, is signed in ink by Bradman and five England players, Yardley, Wright, Ikin, Hutton and Evans. Interesting notes to verso regarding the acquisition of the photograph at auction. Approx. 10"x8", window mounted with modern printed scorecard and title. Framed and glazed, overall 22"x18". VG
Estimate: £250/350
Australia won the second Test by an innings and 33 runs and went on to win the series 3-0 with two matches drawn

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