Cricket Prints, Original Artwork & Paintings

Lot 754:
Lot 754
Yorkshire C.C.C. George Chilman. Three small original pen and ink caricature drawings by Chilman of Yorkshire players in various cricket poses. Players are George Macaulay dated 1923, Wilfred Rhodes 1924, and Herbert Sutcliffe 1925. Each signed by the artist with 'George Chilman' stamp to verso. Approx 3"x4.25", 2.5"x4.25" and 4"x3.5". Attractive images. Sold with a pencil caricature of Arthur Dolphin by S. Hatton dated 1924, and a mono caricature postcard of Roy Kilner. Qty. 5. G
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £70
George Chilman's artwork was used for cigarette cards and cartoons for the press in several newspaper and magazines from the period
Lot 755:
Lot 755
Australia v West Indies 1951/52. Excellent original pen and ink caricature/ cartoon artwork, highlighted with colour, by artist Samuel Wells for the Melbourne Age newspaper prior to the start of the fifth Test at Sydney, 25th-29th January 1952. The cartoon features McDonald, Benaud and Thoms as joeys in a kangaroo's pouch with the title, '"Baby Sitter". Youth at the Helm in 5th Test Today- dimmed somewhat by Vics game going "West" (Indies)- their 4th win of Tour- (which included 7 Test men in Vic. side). Incentive for W.I. to win this Test'. West Indies had just defeated Victoria by four wickets with two minutes to spare. The remainder of the cartoon refers to the heat, 'Hassett's glad it's the last Test not the first', also billiards players Darcy Eccles and Tom Cleary etc. The cartoon signed by Wells, measures 11.5"x18". Excellent image. Some minor soiling to artwork otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Hammer price: £65
Australia won the fifth and final Test by 202 runs despite Gomez taking ten wickets in the match and Stollmeyer scoring the only century (104) for West Indies. McDonald, Benaud and Thoms made their debut in Tests in this match, which was Thoms' only appearance. Australia won the series 4-1
Lot 756:
Lot 756 Lot 756
Royman Browne, cartoonist. Original hand painted birthday card in pen and watercolour by Browne depicting Old Father Time wearing cricket whites with ball in hand, mopping his brow with a handkerchief, with hourglass and scythe on the ground beside. The caption below reads, 'You'll never get 'im out!'. The card was sent to Pelham Warner in celebration of Warner's eightieth birthday, the handwritten message inside reads, 'With congratulations, & best wishes for your century, Royman Browne (a humble cricket lover!) 24.xi.53'. Horizontal fold otherwise a nice image in good condition
Estimate: £120/160
Hammer price: unsold
Royman Browne. Cricket artist and illustrator, produced many cartoons/ illustrations for Playfair Cricket Monthly in the 1950/60s
Lot 757:
Lot 757 Lot 757
Surrey cricketers 1923/24. Four original watercolour paintings of four Surrey and England cricketers Jack Hobbs, Andrew Sandham and Andrew Ducat in batting poses, and Percy Fender in fielding pose. The Hobbs, Ducat and Fender paintings are signed 'Marjorie Kemp' and dated 1923, that of Sandham is in the same style but signed 'Cover' and dated 1924. The identity of the artist is uncertain. Each 8"x10". G
Estimate: £80/120
Hammer price: £60
Lot 758:
Lot 758
Alec Bedser. Surrey & England 1939-1960. Large and impressive original watercolour painting of Bedser, head and shoulders and in bowling pose, by artist Rodger Towers in 1983. Signed by the artist. The image was published in 'The Lord's Taverners fifty Greatest Cricketers' book published in 1983. Mounted, framed and glazed. Overall 24"x30". G
Estimate: £150/250
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 759:
Lot 759
'Is it a Bird, is it a Plane? No! Its Superbat, flying to wherever the money is Best!'. Large original pen and ink and watercolour cartoon by artist 'JAK' (Raymond Jackson). The cartoon depicts Geoff Humpage of Warwickshire dressed as a super hero flying through the sky in full batting attire and pointing his bat to the heavens (similar look to Superman). Humpage had agreed to join the England 'Rebel' tour of South Africa 1982/83. The cartoon signed by 'JAK' and dated '4th March 1982' to lower border. Framed and glazed, overall 25"x22". G/VG. Previously sold in the Robin Marlar sale of 2015
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: unsold
Raymond Jackson (1927-1997), best known by his pen-name JAK was one of Britain's best-known newspaper cartoonists, working for the London Evening Standard from 1952 onwards. He also drew for the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Express and the Sunday Express
Lot 760:
'The Charter House'. Mono engraving showing the original site of Charterhouse School, with a cricket match in progress. Drawn and engraved by J. Storer. Published 1st August 1804. Published by Verner & Hood of Poultry, London. Mounted and framed. Overall 12.5"x10.5". Sold with 'April. Rains, fair and foul, foul and fair, capricious at the best....'. London December 1824. S&J Fuller, Temple of Fancy, Rathbone place showing a April scene of boys playing games including cricket. Mounted, framed and glazed. Overall 10"x11.5". Sold with various other prints including 'Presentation of the Noble Game as played in the celebrated cricket field near the Conduit House 1787', with oval mount, the others mainly modern. Qty. 7. G
Estimate: £60/90
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 761:
Lot 761
'Oxfordshire Cricket Club 1787' and 'The Ladies Cricket Club 1785'. A pair of attractive engravings, one features an attractive image of a cricketer wearing period cricket attire, leaning on a bat and holding a ball standing next to the wicket, with a marquee and trees in the background. The surrounding oval border incorporates the printed title 'Oxfordshire Cricket Club 1787', the other features a lady cricketer wearing period dress, leaning on a bat and holding a ball standing next to the wicket (only two stumps) with a ball at her feet, with a gain a marquee and trees in the background. The surrounding oval border incorporates the printed title 'The Ladies Cricket Club 1785'. Engraver unknown. Both measure 9'x11.5". Framed and glazed, overall 13"x16". Some age toning, odd marks otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £80
Lot 762:
Lot 762
Andrew Ernest Stoddart. Middlesex & England, 1885-1900. Excellent early hand coloured engraving of Stoddart by W. Roffe from the original photograph by E. Hawkins of Brighton. Mounted, framed and glazed overall 10"x12.5". G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £40
Lot 763:
Lot 763
Alexander Josiah Webbe. Oxford University, Middlesex & England, 1875-1900. Excellent early hand coloured engraving of Webbe by W. Roffe from the original photograph by E. Hawkins of Brighton. Mounted, framed and glazed overall 10"x12.5". G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £55
Lot 764:
Lot 764
Lord Martin Bladen Hawke. Cambridge University, Yorkshire & England 1881-1911. Excellent early hand tinted engraving of Hawke, by W. Allingham from the original photograph by Dickinson & Foster. Mounted, framed and glazed overall 10"x12.5". G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £45
Lot 765:
Lot 765
George Anderson, Yorkshire 1850-1969, and Roger Iddison, Yorkshire & Lancashire 1853-1976. Two full page cuttings of engravings taken from the Illustrated Sporting News, the Anderson page dated 9th July 1864, the Iddison 1st October 1864. Both players are depicted standing full length at the wicket, Anderson leaning on his bat, Iddison in batting pose. Each page is unevenly torn to left edge and measures 11"x16". Qty. 2. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 766:
Lot 766
Charles Oakes. Sussex 1935-1954. 'In Praise of Charlie Oakes 1935-1954'. Original advertising poster, printed on card, for Charles Oakes Benefit Season in 1954. The poster, with pen and ink artwork originally by A.R. Young, depicts various scenes and images of Oakes and his father with printed commentary on the player. Images include a view of the family home in Horsham, his father playing cricket with Oakes in a pram, Oakes batting and bowling. The artist writes 'Born in the picturesque cottage on the loverly Horsham ground, Charlie had cricket laid on from the start, Charlie was soon demanding and a bat and a ball and father Oakes was kept busy. Charlie's fluent stroke play soon became noticed and he made his debut in 1935. Capped in 1937 he celebrated by scoring a maiden century... most spectacular performance against Yorkshire in 1946 taking 5-10....'. The poster concludes with the message 'Remember! Benefit Match Yorkshire August 4,5 & 6'. The poster measures 9.75"x13.5". A rare poster. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £120
Lot 767:
Lot 767 Lot 767
'Geoff Boycott, Yorkshire & England'. Limited edition print of Boycott, head and shoulders, wearing Yorkshire cap. Limited edition 544/850, signed by Boycott and the artist M. Stead in pencil. Published by Art Graphics. Excellent image of Boycott. Framed and glazed, overall 19.5"x25". Very good condition. Sold with 'England v Australia, Centenary Test, Lord's 1980'. Arthur Weaver 1980. Large colour limited edition print of the Test at Lord's. Number 426/850. Signed to lower border by ten England Test Captains including May, Denness, Dexter, Allen, Hutton, Cowdrey, Yardley etc. Also signed by the artist. Framed and glazed. Approx 30"x21.5" overall. Some fading to odd signatures otherwise in good condition. Qty. 2
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 768:
Lot 768
Kent. 'Farewell, St. Lawrence Lime'. Irving Rosenwater. Newnham on Severn, Gloucestershire 2005. A broadsheet poem composed on the destruction of the lime tree at the St. Lawrence Ground, Canterbury, in the strong winds on the night of Friday, January 7, 2005. Issued in a limited edition of 190 numbered copies, each signed by Irving Rosenwater, Jules Akel (typographer) and Christopher Saunders (publisher), this being number 45. Framed and glazed, overall 11.5"x15.5". Sold with an original colour Vanity Fair chromolithograph of Charlie' (Colin Blythe) by ALS. Framed and glazed overall 10"x16". Qty. 2. VG
Estimate: £30/40
Hammer price: £55
Lot 769:
Lot 769
Yorkshire. Albert Chevallier Tayler 1905. Six Chevallier Tayler lithographs of Yorkshire players, F.S. Jackson, D. Denton, W. Rhodes, Lord Hawke, S. Haigh and G.H. Hirst, and another of G. McGregor of Middlesex. All seven nicely and uniformly mounted, framed and glazed, each 14.5"x19.5". Sold with three Vanity Fair lithographs by 'Spy' of Yorkshire players Lord Hawke, George Hirst and F.S. Jackson, each framed and glazed 13"x9.5", and a signed limited edition print of a sketch of the Headingley pavilion by Alan Fearnley, no. 119/500. Framed and glazed 19"x15". Qty. 11. VG
Estimate: £60/90
Hammer price: £42
Lot 770:
Lot 770 Lot 770
Thomas Walter Hayward, Surrey & England 1893-1914. Original Vanity Fair 'Supplement' colour chromolithograph of Hayward. 'Tom'. July 11th 1906 by SPY. Nice signature in black ink of Hayward on piece laid down to lower border. Light crease and small nicks to lower edge, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 771:
Lot 771
M.C.C. v West Indies XI c1990's. 'The Lord's Pavilion'. Colour print from the original watercolour by David Gentleman 1986. Signed to top and lower borders and the image by the two teams and the Umpires. Thirty one signatures including Garry Sobers, Haynes, Philo Wallace, Adam Griffith, Randall, Fraser, Gatting, Ward, Salisbury etc. 20"x17". G
Estimate: £20/30
Hammer price: £20
Lot 772:
No lot
Estimate: £0/0
Hammer price: withdrawn
Lot 773:
Lot 773
George Herbert Hirst, Yorkshire & England 1891-1929. Vanity Fair. 'Yorkshire'. Original colour chromolithograph of Hirst by SPY, dated 20th August 1903. Signature in ink of Hirst on piece laid down to lower right hand corner of the lithograph 'G.H. Hirst'. Framed and glazed, overall 11"x16.5". Very good condition. Sold with F.S. Jackson, 'A Flanned Fighter', Vanity Fair 28th August 1902 by Spy. Also three Chevalier Taylor lithographs of Haigh and Denton, framed, and Hirst, unframed. Very good condition. Qty. 5
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 774:
Lot 774
Hugh Cushing. Four limited edition prints from original watercolours by Cushing. Titles are 'Checking the Field', 'Wickets Falling Fast', '9th Man Waiting', and 'Boundary Refreshments'. Limited editions of 500 copies, each of these are number 121 and signed in pencil by the artist. Uniformly mounted, framed and glazed, overall 17.5"x14.5". Chipping to painted frames, the prints in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £20













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