A Collection of M.C.C. 1932/33 'Bodyline' Tour Ephemera

Lot 206:
Lot 206 Lot 206
'Bodyline'. Official Orient Line 'S.S. Orontes' brochure for the 'M.C.C. Australasian Tour 1932-33'. Pictorial front cover decorated with M.C.C. colours and titles. With team detail and player photographs, itinerary, player profile etc to inside pages. With rare separate additional insert for Bill Bowes who was selected to replace Duleepsinhji after the brochure was printed, plus Orient Line compliment slip. Minor age toning to covers otherwise in good/very good condition. Scarce
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £85
Lot 207:
Lot 207 Lot 207
'Bodyline' cricketers. Three handwritten letters written by members of the M.C.C. touring party to Australia 1932/33. Letters are from Freddie Brown, dated 22nd November 1951, to 'Sir Eric' regarding his attendance of a function, Bill Bowes, dated 27th November 1981, and Gubby Allen, dated 'July 19'. Each letter signed by the featured player. G
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £30
Lot 208:
Lot 208
M.C.C. tour of Australia 1932/33. 'Bodyline'. Seven signatures in ink, five on white cards, two on small album pages of members of the M.C.C. touring party. Signatures are Ames, Bowes, Wyatt, Allen, Brown, Leyland and Hammond. Staining to the Hammond signature, otherwise in very good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Hammer price: £15
Lot 209:
Lot 209 Lot 209
M.C.C. tour of Australia 1932/33. 'Bodyline tour'. 'English Cricketers'. Australian Licorice PTY Ltd. Full set of eighteen 'Giant Brand Licorice' trade cards featuring each member of the infamous M.C.C. Bodyline team. Players featured include Jardine, Larwood, Paynter, Bowes, Allen, Hammond, Pataudi, Voce, Verity etc. Very good condition. Rare
Estimate: £80/120
Hammer price: £150
Lot 209a:
Lot 209a Lot 209a
M.C.C. tour of Australia 1932/33. 'Bodyline'. Excellent selection of five original rare 'real photograph' postcards from the infamous series, Australia v England 1932/33. Produced by the Melbourne Herald Feature Service, they depict scenes of the 2nd Test in Melbourne which Australia won by 111 runs. Each card has printed captions to reverse of the postcards. The cards are 'Ames skittled' (stump out of the ground), 'Hammond Bowled' (stump out of the ground), 'An Easy One', (Voce, caught McCabe, bowled Grimmett, 'Jardine Out!' (Jardine out for one, caught Oldfield, bowled Wall. Jardine looked surprised at the decision!) and 'Sutcliffe Bowled O'Reilly 33'(Sutcliffe missed a good one from O'Reilly and his stumps were shattered). Each card has printed caption and copyright stamp to reverse with details. copyright stamp to reverse. Postally unused and in generally good/very good condition. Rare postcards
Estimate: £180/250
Hammer price: £170
Lot 210:
Lot 210
M.C.C. tour of Australia & New Zealand 1932/33 'Bodyline Tour'. 'Queensland Cricket Association Souvenir. Fourth Test Match, Brisbane 1933. Official Magazine and programme'. Published by Lloyd's Almanac, Brisbane and printed by R.S. Hews & Co of Brisbane. 80pp plus covers. Official programme including illustrations, photographs, portraits of the players, scorecards to centre, statistics and articles. Both pictorial outer wrappers detached, some wear damage and small loss to wrappers, old tape mark to spine edge. Internally in good/very good condition. Includes a separate four page printed insert from Lloyd's Almanac thanking publishers and subscribers for contributing to the publication of this programme with probable teams printed to back cover. A rarely seen programme from a highly controversial series
Estimate: £150/250
Hammer price: £430
'This is one of the rarest of the official programmes produced on the tour. It is also the largest. There are numerous photographs, including one of the tourists complete with autographs and the following quotation 'Nought shall make us rue, if England to itself do rest but true'. King John. Act V, scene VII'. Roy Ramsbottom 2006
Lot 211:
Lot 211
'Bodyline'. 'Cricket Sketches and Short Stories, by the Australian Googly Bowler 1932-1933'. Arthur Mailey. Sydney 1933. Excellent pictorial wrappers. Profusely illustrated. Original pictorial wrappers. Issued during the M.C.C. 1932-33 'Bodyline' tour of Australia. Some light foxing, slight wear and age toning to wrappers otherwise in generally good condition. A rare item
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £190
Lot 212:
Lot 212
M.C.C. tour of Australia 1932/33 'Bodyline'. 'The Gripu Gallery. Cricket Souvenir of the English Team touring Australia 1932-1933'. Original pictorial covers. Rare small souvenir brochure for the tour with fixtures, pen pictures, player biographies, adverts etc. 48 pages. Printed by G.W. Hall of Sydney. Generally good/very good condition. Scarce in this condition
Estimate: £180/250
Hammer price: £190
Lot 213:
Lot 213
Australia v England 1932/33 'Bodyline'. 'The Tests 1932-33'. Published by Keating- Wood. Melbourne 1932. Pre tour brochure contains a series of photographs of the leading Australian and English cricketers as well as from the past. Original pictorial covers showing the two Captains, Jardine and Woodfull. Minor wear and staining to pictorial wrappers otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £150/250
Hammer price: £200
Lot 214:
Lot 214
Donald George Bradman. New South Wales, South Australia & Australia 1927-1949. Wonderfully evocative photograph of Don Bradman having just passed thorough the gate onto the pitch at Melbourne to bat against England in the second Test of the 1932/33 'Bodyline' Ashes series in Australia. Bradman is wearing his Australian cap with bat in his right hand. A policemen stands by the gate with large crowd to background. Herald Sun Feature Service. 4.5"x6". An excellent image. VG
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £220
Lot 215:
Lot 215
Australia v England. 2nd Test, 'Bodyline' Melbourne Cricket Ground December 1932. Two original press photographs from the Test. The first showing Bill Woodfull and Douglas Jardine tossing for innings at the gate to the pitch, both wearing blazers and caps. Small loss to top left hand corner and greater loss to top right hand corner otherwise in good original condition, the other photograph showing the Australian team walking out and taking to the field. Loss to both corners, nicks and rounding to corners at base. Both photographs showing massed crowds to background some with umbrellas up to give shade on a hot day. The photographs by C.J. Frazer of Collins Street, Melbourne. Both 4.75"x6.5". Excellent original images
Estimate: £80/120
Hammer price: £120
Australia won the Test by 111 runs
Lot 216:
Lot 216 Lot 216
Australia v England. 5th Test, 'Bodyline' Sydney Cricket Ground February 1933. Two 'Sydney Morning Herald/Sun Herald' copyright photographs from the Test. One showing Bill Woodfull and Vic Richardson walking out to bat with gate and crowd behind and the other a similar photograph of Sutcliffe and Wyatt walking out to bat in England's second innings, again with gate and crowd behind them. Both 6.5"x8.5". Very good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Hammer price: £95
England won the Test by eight wickets
Lot 217:
Lot 217
M.C.C. Tour to Australia, 1932/33 'Bodyline'. 'Marylebone Cricket Team, Toronto, Canada. April 26th 1933. Original sepia photograph of members of the M.C.C. team standing in front of a large building in the centre of Tornonto with crowd to background. Players noted include Jardine (Cpt), Hammond, Paynter, Ames, Sutcliffe, Mitchell, Duckworth, Voce, Bowes, Wyatt, Brown, Warner, Palairet etc. Title to lower border. 10.75x6.75". Tear to left hand border, repaired with tape otherwise in good condition A rare Bodyline item from the return journey, having played two Tests in New Zealand they returned home via Fiji, Vancouver and then across Canada. From the Bill Voce collection
Estimate: £250/350
Hammer price: unsold
Lot 218:
Lot 218
Australia v England. 2nd Test, 'Bodyline' Melbourne Cricket Ground December 1932. Excellent original press photograph of the Australian team who played England in the second Test at Melbourne. The players are pictured on the field just prior to them fielding with a massed crowd behind the picket fence and in the stand, the majority wearing caps. Players include Woodfull, Bradman, Oldfield, McCabe, Grimmett, Wall, Richardson, Fingleton, Ironmonger etc. The photograph measures 12"x7.25". Odd faults to the photograph otherwise in good condition. Wonderful image highlighted by the bright sun
Estimate: £100/150
Hammer price: £140
Lot 219:
Lot 219 Lot 219
Australia v England 1932/33. 'Bodyline Series'. Three original press photographs from the series, the scoreboard at Sydney, first Test, showing the scores after both first innings, Australia making 360 and England 524 all out with spectators below (6.25"x4.25"), another showing Oldfield being hit by Larwood in the 5th Test at Sydney (4.5"x6.5") and Bradman being bowled by Larwood in the 4th Test at Brisbane (10"x4.5"). Two photographs by S.J. Hood of Pitt Street, Sydney and the other by Central Press Photos Limited. Qty 3
Estimate: £50/80
Hammer price: £40
Lot 220:
Lot 220
M.C.C. tour of Australia (Bodyline) 1932/33. Large and original mono action photograph from the 2nd Test match played at Melbourne on the 30th, 31st December 1932, 2nd, 3rd January 1933. The photograph, which is laid down to mount, shows 'Taking the shine off the new ball, shortly after the commencement of the match. Woodfull and Jardine playing tip and catch while the crowd roars with laughter'. The photograph, by 'Kodak' with green label to corner of the mount, with title to top border '2nd Test' and title to lower border. The photograph measures 15"x12" and with mount 21"x18.5". Some surface marks and minor staining to image, some age toning to mount otherwise in good condition Very rare in this larger format. An image not normally associated with the Bodyline tour. Not seen previously by the auctioneer
Estimate: £250/350
Hammer price: unsold
The second Test of the series began on the 30th December 1932, Australia winning by 111 runs, Bradman making 103, Bill O'Reilly taking ten wickets in the match.
Lot 221:
Lot 221
M.C.C. tour of Australia 1932/33. 'Bodyline'. Mono image of the S.S. Orontes, in which the M.C.C. team sailed on the 17th September 1932, with title 'England v Australia. The Ashes 1932-33. S.S. Orontes' to lower border. Below the image of the ship are the printed signatures of all eighteen members of the M.C.C. touring party. Signatures are Jardine, Larwood, Voce, Sutcliffe, Hammond, Wyatt, Verity, Bowes, Pataudi, Paynter, Leyland, Mitchell, Brown, Ames, Allen, Duckworth and the joint Managers P.F. Warner and R.C.N. Palairet. Mounted. Overall 12.25"x15.25". Crease to mount otherwise in good condition. Rare
Estimate: £70/100
Hammer price: £60
Lot 222:
Lot 222
Douglas Robert Jardine. Oxford University, Surrey & England 1920-1934. Original sepia photograph of Jardine wearing his infamous multi-coloured 'harlequin' cap while batting for Surrey v Warwickshire at The Oval, 14th- 16th June 1933. Jardine is depicted playing a sweep shot to leg, Smart the Warwickshire wicketkeeper looking on. 10"x8". A good image. VG
Estimate: £60/80
Hammer price: £50
The harlequin cap was given to people who played 'good cricket' in Oxford, and Jardine's choice to wear it, in particular on the 1932/33 'Bodyline' tour to Australia, was a source of some controversy as, to many, the cap represented class distinction
Lot 223:
Lot 223
Bodyline. Australia v England 1932/33. Original mono photograph of Herbert Sutcliffe playing a hook shot with the Australian wicketkeeper looking to the skies. Nicely signed in black ink to the photograph by both players. The photograph measures approx. 6"x4", mounted, framed and glazed, overall 12.5"x16". VG
Estimate: £40/60
Hammer price: £45
Lot 224:
Lot 224
'Bodyline'. 'M.C.C. Team- Australian Tour- 1932-33'. Large and impressive official mono photograph of the M.C.C. touring party who toured Australia in 1932/33. The team, standing and seated in rows, wearing M.C.C. touring blazers and cricket attire. The photograph laid down to official photographers mount with title to top border and names of players printed to lower border. Players include Jardine (Captain), Duckworth, Nawab of Pataudi, Leyland, Larwood, Paynter, Ames, Verity, Voce, Bowes, Brown, Tate, Sutcliffe, Wyatt, Allen, Hammond etc. The photograph by 'Sydney Mail Photo'. The photograph measures 15.5"x12", laid to photographer's mount, overall 24"x19". Excellent image of this infamous tour. Very good condition
Estimate: £150/250
Hammer price: £170
Lot 225:
Lot 225
Australia v England. 5th Test, 'Bodyline'. Sydney Cricket Ground February 1933. Album page nicely signed in ink by thirteen members of the Australian team, Woodfull, Bradman, Richardson, Darling, O'Brien, McCabe, Oldfield, O'Reilly, Ironmonger, Lee, Alexander, Wall and Bromley. Good condition
Estimate: £80/120
Hammer price: £240
England won the Test by eight wickets













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