Cricket Ephemera

Lot 1:
Lot 1
Australia tour of England 1934. Original 'The Savings Bank of South Australia' advertising ink blotter, unused. To face are printed cameo pictures of the Australian team with Test match fixtures to centre and 'Our Sporting Ambassadors. Test Fixtures 1934. Success to the Team! The Savings Bank of South Australia will help you to achieve success'. Pink ink blotter to verso. 7.5"x4". Rare. Excellent condition
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 2:
Lot 2
Australia tour of England 1938. 'Laurel. The All-purpose Kerosene Wins Every Test. For lighting, cooking, heating, cleaning, freezing and incubation'. Original advertising ink blotter, unused. To face is a mono printed photograph of the Australian touring party seated and standing in rows wearing tour blazers with players names below. Pink ink blotter to verso. 8"x4.5". Rare, not previously seen by the auctioneer. Very good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 3:
Lot 3
'Australian's Fixtures 1926'. Small folding card fixture list issued by W.D. & H. Wills in 1926 for the Australian tour to England. The colourful covers with titles to face, tour fixtures to inside pages and a listing of the Australian team and the state they play for to rear. Very good condition. Scarce
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 4:
Lot 4
M.C.C. tour to Australia 1928/29. 'England versus Australia Sheffield Shield Cricket Fixtures 1928-9'. Original advertising fixture card produced by Clements Tonic featuring decorative front cover, cameo pictures of the M.C.C. touring party to last page, fixtures for the tour and Sheffield Shield matches listed to centre pages. Annotations to centre pages in ink and pencil recording the results of matches. Sold with another folding fixture card for the 1928/29 tour, issued by Player's Country Life Cigarettes. The colour covers in the form of a cigarette packet, printed fixtures to inside. Qty 2. Wear to covers and splitting to fold
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 5:
Lot 5
Australia tour of England 1938. 'The Bristol Brewery. Georges & Co Ltd' Original folding fixture card for 1938 listing the fixtures of the Bristol Brewery C.C. to centre pages, Gloucestershire and Australia tour fixtures to inside covers. Original decorative wrappers. Splitting to fold, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 6:
Lot 6
Indian tour of England 1946. 'Bristol United Breweries' Fixture card for 1946 listing the fixtures of the Indian tourists, Gloucestershire and Somerset teams plus the laws of cricket. Faded annotation to rear wrapper. Some wear and rusting to staples, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 7:
Lot 7
'Farewell Dinner to Dr W.G. Grace 1898'. Original menu card for the Dinner, given by the Clifton Foot Beagles, held at the Clifton Down Hotel on December 6th 1898. Decorative and colourful front cover, with green ribbon tie, with images of hunting horn, whistle, riding cap and whip and titles, menu and toast list to inside pages with further decorative hunting images to rear cover. Printed by 'W. Bennet, 43 Broad Street'. The toast list includes, His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, W.G. Grace etc. Originally from the collection of C.L. Townsend (Gloucestershire & England 1893-1922), this being Townsend's copy. Previously sold by Knights in March 2012. Some minor foxing and age toning otherwise in good/very good condition. Rare
Estimate: £300/500
W.G. Grace, who was Vice Chairman of the Clifton Foot Beagles until early 1899, regularly ran with the beagles up until leaving Gloucestershire and moving the Grace family to London, following the death of his only daughter Bessie, in 1899
Lot 8:
Lot 8 Lot 8
Albert Edwin Trott. M.C.C., Middlesex, Victoria, Australia & England, 1892-1911. Rare original menu on two cards for the Complimentary Luncheon given by E.F. Bourke 'On the Occasion of the Representative Cricket Match between Pretoria and Johannesburg for A.E. Trott's Benefit. Held at the Berea Park, Pretoria, 28th February 1898. Decorative front cover with 'G. MacArthur' of Pretoria hand written, and printed menu to verso, the other card with the printed players' names for both teams. Minor staining to card edges, otherwise in good condition. A scarce item
Estimate: £400/600
Australian born, Albert Trott played for Victoria and Middlesex between 1892 and 1910. He also is one of few players to have played for both Australia, 3 Tests and England, 2 Tests. He is known as the only batsman to hit a ball that cleared the Lord's Pavilion. He committed suicide in 1914 by shooting himself having been ill for some time with little hope of recovery.

The one day match was won by A Bailey's Transvaal XI (Johannesburg) by 162 runs. Trott, playing for Pretoria, took 5 wickets and top scored with 22 runs
Lot 9:
Lot 9
Frederick Gale. Kent 1845. Original printed single page flyer advertising two talks to be given by Gale at the Town Hall, Westminster. The talks are titled 'The Parliamentary Pupper Show... Forty Years in the Parliamentary World', 19th June 1891, and 'The Game of Cricket and Cricketers' 3rd July 1891. 9.5"x7.25". Some loss and folds. Fragile condition
Estimate: £70/100
Frederick Gale was a solicitor and Parliamentary agent, but made his name as a prolific writer of cricket books, newspaper and magazine articles writing under the name 'The Old Buffer'. He played in the Winchester Eleven in 1841 against Eton and Harrow at Lord's, and in two first class matches, both in 1845, one for Kent, the other for Gentlemen of Kent. Shortly after given these talks he emigrated to Canada to be with his family after the death of one of his sons, but was homesick and missed his cricket, so returned home the following year
Lot 10:
Lot 10 Lot 10
'Groves Cricket & General Sporting News Agency, Sheffield'. Two four page 'Final Revised List of Cricket Fixtures for 1887', one printed on white paper, the other blue. The front pages detail the terms and prices of the services provided to customers of the agency, with slightly differing versions. Sold with two similar lists published by Ashley & Smith's Sporting News Agency, London, for 'The Cricket Season' 1887 and 1892. Some wear and tears to folds, otherwise in good condition. Qty 4
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 11:
Lot 11
Spencer Cricket Club 1880. Official four page programme for the 'Annual Concert of the Spencer Cricket Club' at The Lecture Hall, St. John's Hill, Wandsworth, 28th June 1880. Sold with an original single page flyer for a 'Grand Smoking Concert' given by The Crescent Cricket Club at the Cock Assembly Rooms, Cock Tavern Highbury, 3rd March 1888. The flyer printed in gold ink on pink paper with ornate border, printed titles and the programme for the event. Heavy folds, some tears and fading. Fair/ good condition. Qty 2
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 12:
Lot 12
Club fixture cards 1879-1895. Official cloth covered fixture card/ membership booklets for Willow Dale C.C. (Bolton) 1887, Weybridge Albion C.C. (Surrey) 1895, and West Hartlepool C.C. 1897. Sold with ten early Stoics Cricket Club 'List of Matches' folding fixture cards for 1879, 1881, 1886, 1888-1890 and 1894. Also two 'Rules and List of Members' booklets for 1885 and 1888, and a fixture card for two tours, date unknown. Odd faults, otherwise in good condition. Qty 10
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 13:
Lot 13
F.H. Ayres sports equipment 1886-1909. A collection of five original catalogues and leaflets issued by Ayres. Items include an eight page instruction manual for an early bowling machine, 'The "Cambridge" Bowler', 1909. Four page advertising flyer for Ayres' bats, pads and balls with player testimonials, 1886. Four page list of testimonials for Ayres' equipment including one from W.G. Grace, 1887. Illustrated sixteen page catalogue for cricket, croquet, badminton, tennis etc equipment, and a similar large format catalogue c1887/8. Nicely presented in modern blue cloth case. Odd faults, generally good/ very good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 14:
Lot 14
'The Cricketer's Register. Bell's Life In London and Sporting Chronicle' 1845 and 1846. Two slim albums comprising cuttings/ extracts relating to matches played. 1845 match reports include 'Marylebone Club and Ground with Pilch against the County of Sussex', 'Gentlemen and Players of England' including Lillywhite, Pilch, Box, Hillyer, Felix, Mynn etc, Petworth v Marylebone, Marylebone v Northern Counties etc. At the end is a printed 'Cricketers' Register. Average Runs &c in 1845' with Felix heading the batting. The 1846 volume includes reports for include Sussex v Kent, 'Nine Gentlemen with Lillywhite and Martingell against Eleven Players of England', I Zingari v The Auberies, Cambridge with Box and Hillyer v England etc, with handwritten averages to rear for 1846. Both volumes in marbles wrappers slipped in to modern blue cloth covers. Good condition
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 15:
Lot 15
Bolton-Cum-Redmire C.C. 1887. Original programme for a theatre event of music and dramatics dated 9th December 1887. Printed by W. Auton, General Printer, Leyburn, Yorkshire. Venue unknown. The programme is printed on very tissue paper with printed red floral decorations to borders. 10.5"x14.5". Very good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 16:
Lot 16
Don Bradman. Three original 'Test Match Bulletins' issued with the Daily Mail. Issues for 1st, 4th and 5th December 1928 covering the first Test at Brisbane 1928. This was Bradman's first Test match. Folds otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £20/30
Lot 17:
Lot 17
A.J. Gaston. Cricket follower, writer & collector. Envelope addressed to 'A.J. Gaston Esq, 104 Hollingbury Park Avenue, Brighton, Sussex'. Postmarked 20th July 1922. Annotation in ink to the front of the envelope, 'The Famous Leather Hunter of "Sussex Daily News". Bowler of 13 wides & many other cricketing achievements'. G
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 18:
Lot 18
'Uppingham Rovers Cricket Club. Matches for 1883'. Original single page printed fixture list with flag emblem to the top in the Club colours of blue, black and red. The fixtures for July and August 1883 include matches against the county sides of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Hampshire, also Yorkshire Gentlemen etc. Horizontal folds otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £20/30
Founded in 1863, Uppingham Rovers is the Uppingham School Old Boys cricket team. Notable cricketers who played in the 1883 season include A.P. Lucas (Surrey, Cambridge University, Middlesex, Essex & England 1874-1907) who played in five Test matches for England 1878-1884, and S.S. Schultz (Cambridge University, Lancashire & England 1876-1882). Others include F.E. Street (Kent 4 matches), C.E. Green (Middlesex 33 matches) etc
Lot 19:
Lot 19
Eton v Harrow 1936. Very large original card with printed details of the arrangements for spectators and guests attending the annual match played at Lord's in 1936. The card lists the luncheon tables in the arbours and the tents on the practice ground and the east side of the ground and to the West, details are published of the Grand Stand Boxes, Members Reserve, Tables behind Block A, New Boxes, private rooms at hotel etc. Guests who had booked the Grand Stand Boxes included His Grace The Duke of Devonshire, Viscount Cobham, F.T.Mann, The Earl of Derby, Sir Humphrey de Trafford etc, in the New Boxes were P.F. Warner, R.H. Twining, The Hon Sir F.S. Jackson etc, in the private rooms at hotel were E.G. Wynyard, Viscount Boyne etc, in the side garden 'Sir Julian Cahn, G.L. Hoare etc, and in the arbours and Tents to the East were the Guards Club, Harrow Association, Old Etonians, Carlton Club, Green Jackets, Bath Club, Lord Melchett, Charles E. Russell etc. The card would have probably been displayed prominently at Lord's for spectators and guests attention. The card measures 17"x24" and has some nicks and tears to edges with small corner loss to right hand lower corner otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 20:
Lot 20
Yorkshire. Bramall Lane, Sheffield 1973. Original newspaper poster for the Morning Telegraph announcing 'Yorkshire's Goodbye to Bramall Lane- Special Supplement' for the match Yorkshire v Lancashire, 4th-7th August 1973. 19.5"x28". Horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £50/70
The match was drawn with no play possible on the second day
Lot 21:
Lot 21
'Yorkshire C.C.C. Fixtures 1908'. Original 'OXO' advertising card with a mono printed photograph of the Yorkshire team to centre with fixtures listed below and cricket figures on a red background. 13.5"x16". The card has been heavily trimmed to the top edge with almost complete loss of the advertiser's brand name. Otherwise in very good condition with bright colours
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 22:
Lot 22 Lot 22 Lot 22 Lot 22
George Neville Weston. Cricket historian. A large scrapbook from Weston's own collection. The front cover inscribed in ink in Weston's hand, '1951. Cricket matches played in costume (arranged by Mr C.I.S. Wallace). 1 At Orpington June 17, 2 Chatham & Rochester June. 3 June 28 Birmingham. 4 July 21 Tardebigge (Hewell Grange near Redditch)'. The scrapbook comprises a series of correspondence between Weston and Wallace including lengthy handwritten letters from Wallace and typed replies from Weston. The letters dated June and July 1951. Subjects covered include the health of both men, Wallace complimenting Weston on his work on W.G. Grace, the request from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution for advice on organising an 'Old Time Cricket Match at Orpington [Kent]' for which Wallace provided detailed information. In reply Weston refers to a similar match recreated at Hambledon. The remainder of the album comprises original photographs and press cuttings relating to the recreation matches listed on the front cover, and an original poster produced to publicise the Orpington match. Sold with an exercise book titled 'Lord's May 14th 1969. A visit to the ground and Memorial Gallery' with notes on 'WG' items, and two other large scrapbooks of Weston's relating to the Centenary Test at Lord's in 1980 etc. Good condition
Estimate: £60/90
Weston is renowned as being probably the greatest historian on the history of W.G. Grace, in particular his attention to the detail of minor matches in which Grace played throughout his career. In the forward to Weston's book 'W.G. Grace The Great Cricketer' published in 1973, Irving Rosenwater quotes A.A. Thompson saying Weston 'knows more about W.G. than any man alive', to which Rosenwater adds, 'or dead'
Lot 23:
Lot 23
'Wisden Cricket' c1950s. Free standing plastic advertising display for Wisden featuring an illustration by J.Atkinson of a batsman playing a shot to leg on a green and white background. 9"x12". Fold out card to verso. Sold with a card advertising display of Len Hutton for Litesome Sportwear, 'Best in the Field'. 9"x14". Lacking fold out card stand. Minor chipping to edges, some creasing to the Hutton display, otherwise in good condition. Qty 2
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 24:
Lot 24 Lot 24
Denis Compton & Keith Miller. 'Brylcreem' 1950's. Three large original advertising posters/pages advertising the product, one featuring Compton with strapline 'Brylcreem keeps tour hair right in the picture', one featuring Miller 'Men of the World, all the World Over prefer the perfect hairdressing' and a third features both players and others 'Men in the public eye prefer Brylcreem. The perfect Hairdressing'. Each 9.5"x13". Good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 25:
Lot 25
Don Bradman 1908-2001 and Jessie Bradman 1909-1997. Original 'order of service' for the Service of Thanksgiving' for Bradman, Bowral 2001 and for his wife 1997 in Adelaide. G
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 26:
Lot 26 Lot 26
Sir Donald Bradman ephemera. A selection of ephemera relating to the death of Bradman, the centenary of his birth etc. Items include an original poster for the Tasmanian newspaper, 'The Advocate' dated 27th February 2001, announcing the 'Death of the Don'. Also a commemorative $5 coin issued in 2001 by Perth Mint, a Royal Australian Mint 'Bradman Tribute' $5 coin issued 1996, a 2001 20c tribute coin, and a 2008 '100th Anniversary' $5 coin, all in original presentation packs. Sold with a small selection of Bradman stamps, a first day cover, Australia Test Centenary 1877-1977 stamps, and a Centenary of the Ashes 1982 cover signed by Greg Chappell etc. Neat folds to the poster, otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 27:
Lot 27
Australia Tour to England 1964. Official twelve page list of attendees and table plan for the luncheon given by the British Sportsman's Club for 'The Australia Cricket Touring Team', held at the Savoy Hotel, 22nd April 1964. Good/ very good condition
Estimate: £30/40













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