Autographed Cricket Ephemera

Lot 40:
Lot 40
Stoics Cricket Club. Early 'List of Matches' folding fixture cards for 1879, 1881, 1886, 1888-1890 and 1894. Also two 'Rules and List of Members' booklets for 1885 and 1888, and a fixture card for two tours, date unknown. Odd faults, otherwise in good condition. Qty 10
Estimate: £30/50
It is believed that the Stoics Cricket Club was founded in 1877, originally for the old boys of Westminster School. Notable players who appeared include A.E. Stoddart, C.J. Kortwright and R.W.V. Robins, but it was while playing for Hampstead against Stoics in a one day match in 1886 that Stoddart scored 485 in a total of 813 for 9, the Stoics not getting a bat
Lot 41:
Lot 41
'Principal Cricket Fixtures' 1902-1910. Four original fixture cards published by the Cricket Press, each featuring portraits of a famous cricketer. Cards are for 1902 with the portrait of F.S. Jackson, 1905 Bobby Abel, 1909 A.C. Maclaren, and 1910 Capt. E.G. Wynward. Rusting to staples, otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 42:
Lot 42
'Law Cricket Club Annual Smoking Concert' 1884. Original printed card announcing the annual concert at Anderton's Hotel, 8th February 1884. The cards features a number of humorous sketches of lawyers and judges in a variety of settings including a batsman 'Dismissed with Costs', and a fielder attempting a catch 'A doubtful holding' etc. 6.5"x5.5". Small tear to top edge, some ageing, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 43:
Lot 43
Sporting News Agency fixture lists 1887 and 1892. Two four page printed fixtures lists published by Ashley & Smith's Sporting News Agency for 'The Cricket Season' 1887 and 1892. The front page details the terms and prices of the services provided to the subscriber including a telegram service of 'Six or eight Telegrams daily of each important match, despatched at suitable intervals', 'Full score and analysis despatched immediately on close of play' etc. First class and other fixtures for the season are listed to the centre pages. Some wear and tears to folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 44:
Lot 44 Lot 44
'County Cricket 1920 Results "Diad" Patented'. Unusual two piece circular rotating cards with clip to centre. Top card with pierced windows that, when rotated, reveal all the results by county for the 1920 season printed on the card below. To verso printed batting and bowling averages for the season, with instructions for the use of the card below. 5.5" diameter. G/VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 45:
Lot 45
A.J. Gaston. Cricket follower, writer & collector. Envelope addressed to 'A.J. Gaston Esq, 104 Hollingbury Park Avenue, Brighton, Sussex'. Postmarked 20th July 1922. Annotation in ink to the front of the envelope, 'The Famous Leather Hunter of "Sussex Daily News". Bowler of 13 wides & many other cricketing achievements'. G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 46:
Lot 46
'Sonnet to John J. Smith, Esq., Glos. Scorer'. c1900. Single page thirty four line poem printed with decorative colour floral border. The poem is in the form of a eulogy to Smith described as a 'peerless scorer, best of men' and written in the style of the rhymester, Albert Craig, 'The Surrey Poet' who is referred to in the first line, 'Oh! for a pen like Craig's!'. The author recollects many happy hours spent over a beer with Smith who appears to have been the scorer at Clifton. Not recorded in Padwick and not previously seen by the auctioneer. Horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise in good. Rare
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 47:
Lot 47
'Uppingham Rovers Cricket Club. Matches for 1883'. Original single page printed fixture list with flag emblem to the top in the Club colours of blue, black and red. The fixtures for July and August 1883 include matches against the county sides of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Hampshire, also Yorkshire Gentlemen etc. Horizontal folds otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Founded in 1863, Uppingham Rovers is the Uppingham School Old Boys cricket team. Notable cricketers who played in the 1883 season include A.P. Lucas (Surrey, Cambridge University, Middlesex, Essex & England 1874-1907) who played in five Test matches for England 1878-1884, and S.S. Schultz (Cambridge University, Lancashire & England 1876-1882). Others include F.E. Street (Kent 4 matches), C.E. Green (Middlesex 33 matches) etc
Lot 48:
Lot 48 Lot 48 Lot 48 Lot 48 Lot 48 Lot 48
George Neville Weston. W.G. Grace biographer. Twelve scrapbooks and three exercise books comprising cuttings, scorecards, photographs, original letters etc compiled by Weston. The majority of books relate to research carried out by Weston relating to minor cricket matches played by W.G. Subjects covered include W.G. playing for Bristol Medicals v Downside in 1885. Two volumes covering W.G. playing at Llanfairfechan. W.G. playing for Gentlemen v Players at Lord's 13th-15th July 1896 including an official scorecard for the match. The erection of blue plaques by the Borough of Hendon for Grace, Jessop and C.B.Fry. The Knight Frank & Rutley sale of 1966 in which a Grace Century of Centuries plate was up for sale. W.G. Playing in Purley 1907. United South of England XI v Twenty two of Alexandra Palace 1873. Programmes of events held at the Crystal Palace at Sydenham c1900 etc. The albums comprise a good selection of handwritten and typed letters to and from Weston. G/VG
Estimate: £80/120
Lot 49:
Lot 49 Lot 49 Lot 49
Gerald Brodribb. 1915-1999. Cricket historian and statistician. Box containing a large compendium of research notes relating to big hitting at county grounds, much of which would have been used as background to Brodribb's book, 'Hit for Six: a survey of the great blows of cricket and of those who struck them', first published in 1960. The contents comprise press cuttings, letters, handwritten notes and diagrams in Brodribb's own hand, all filed in envelopes individually marked with the name of the ground to which they apply, along with other bundles of supplementary or 'rejected' material, and similar subjects such as strange strokes, sixes in a season, fast test centuries, speed of bowling etc. Also included are over twenty notebooks and scrap books, the notebooks profusely annotated by Brodribb. The scrapbooks comprising press cuttings relating to the 1938, 1946 and 1947 seasons etc. A comprehensive archive of the renowned cricket historian. G
Estimate: £100/150
Lot 50:
Lot 50 Lot 50
'M.C.C. tour in Australia 1924-25'. Official players itinerary for the tour with front cover with title and M.C.C. colours to top right hand corner. The itinerary lists to inside the members of the touring party, tour programme including matches, time table etc. Signed to the top border of the front cover by Johnny Douglas and fully signed to the inside front cover by all eighteen members of the touring party including the Manager Toone. Signatures are Gilligan ( Captain), Douglas, Chapman, Hearne, Woolley, Hobbs, Sutcliffe, Sandham, Tate, Freeman, Wysall, Kilner, Bryan, Strudwick, Hendren, Tyldesley and Howell. A few marks to itinerary otherwise in good condition. This was Johnny Douglas's copy. A rare players itinerary of this Ashes tour
Estimate: £400/600
Lot 51:
Lot 51
'M.C.C. tour of India, Burma & Ceylon 1926/27'. Rare official M.C.C. Christmas card from the tour with 'M.C.C. India 1926-1927' printed to centre and 'All Good Wishes' printed to the lower right hand corner in blue with ribbon tie to side in M.C.C. colours. To inside a mono photograph of the team on board ship wearing blazers and the wording- 'With every good wish fro Christmas and the New Year'. Sender unknown. This tour Christmas card is rarely seen and is in very good condition
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 52:
Lot 52 Lot 52
Herbert Sutcliffe. Yorkshire & England 1919-1945. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the M.C.C. tour of Australia 1928/29. With cover image of St George & the Dragon to centre and trimming to edge in M.C.C. colours. To inside a printed picture of the team with Percy Chapman, Captain and the wording- 'Xmas 1928. Hearty Greetings for Xmas and the New Year from 'A Happy Family' in Australia'. Nicely inscribed in ink to front cover 'From Herbert Sutcliffe'. VG
Estimate: £80/120
Lot 53:
Lot 53 Lot 53
Maurice Leyland. Yorkshire & England 1920-1947. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the M.C.C. tour of South Africa 1930/31. With 'M.C.C. South Africa 1930/31' printed to centre and M.C.C. colours to right hand corner of the cover. To inside a printed picture of the team and the wording- 'With Best Christmas Wishes from a Happy Family in South Africa'. 'From Maurice' to inside page. G/VG
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 54:
Lot 54 Lot 54
Hedley Verity and Arthur Mitchell. Yorkshire & England 1930-39 and 1922-1945. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the M.C.C. tour of India 1933. With printed cover image of St George & the Dragon, '1933-India-1934' below and 'India 1933' printed to lower right hand corner plus ribbon tie in M.C.C. colours to side. To inside a mono photograph of the Taj Mahal and the wording- 'With Best Wishes for Christmas and 1934'. Signed in Verity's hand 'from Hedley and Arthur'. G/VG
Estimate: £100/150
Hedley Verity was killed in action during the second World War, in Italy in July 1943
Lot 55:
Lot 55 Lot 55
Hedley Verity and Maurice Leyland. Yorkshire & England. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the M.C.C. tour of Australia 1936/37. With 'M.C.C. Australian Tour 1936-37' and M.C.C. colours to top right hand corner of the front cover. To inside a paper insert with printed picture of the M.C.C. team and the wording- 'With Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'. Signed in Verity's hand 'from Maurice Leyland and Hedley Verity'. G/VG
Estimate: £100/150
Lot 56:
Lot 56 Lot 56
Arthur Edward Fagg. Kent & England 1932-1957. M.C.C. tour of Australia 1936-37. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the tour. With cover title to centre and M.C.C. colours to top corner of front cover. To inside a printed picture of the team and the wording- 'With Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'. Signed from 'Arthur Fagg'. G/VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 57:
Lot 57 Lot 57
Leonard Hutton. Yorkshire & England 1934-1955. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the M.C.C. tour of South Africa 1948/49. With M.C.C. emblem to centre and M.C.C. colours to left hand corner of the front cover. To inside a paper insert with a printed picture of the M.C.C. team and the wording- 'Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year'. Signed from 'Leonard'. G
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 58:
Lot 58 Lot 58
Peter Barker Howard May. Surrey & England 1950-1963. M.C.C. tour of South Africa 1956/57. Official M.C.C. Christmas card with map of South Africa to centre, 'M.C.C.' emblem and M.C.C. colours to lower right hand corner of front cover, with printed photograph of the team to inside. Nicely signed by the England Captain, 'love to you all, Peter'. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 59:
Lot 59 Lot 59
Leslie Ethelbert George Ames. Kent & England 1926-1951. M.C.C. tour of South Africa 1938-1939. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the tour with cover image of a map showing England and South Africa with emblem of M.C.C. and South Africa. To inside a photograph of the team and the wording- 'The Managers and Members of the M.C.C. Cricket Touring Team 1938-39. Wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year'. Signed 'Leslie'. G
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 60:
Lot 60
M.C.C. tour of Australia 1946/47. Official folding Christmas card from the tour. With cover printed image of the cricket writers on the tour and red and white colours to corner, to inside a printed picture of the M.C.C. team and the wording- 'With all good wishes for Christmas and the New Year'. A rarely seen post war tour Christmas card
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 61:
Lot 61 Lot 61
John Frederick 'Jack' Crapp. Gloucestershire & England 1936-1956. M.C.C. tour of South Africa 1948/49. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the tour. With cover image of the emblem of M.C.C. and M.C.C. colours to corner and cord tie. To inside a picture of the team and the wording- 'Wishing you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year'. Signed from 'Jack Crapp'. Slight fading to the signature, minor wear to the cord tie hole otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 62:
Lot 62
M.C.C. tour of Australia and New Zealand 1950/51 and 1958/59. Official M.C.C. Christmas cards from the two M.C.C. tours. Decorative covers with title and M.C.C. colours to front, printed photograph of the team to inner pages with seasonal message. The first with original envelope. Qty 2. VG
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 63:
Lot 63 Lot 63
Peter James Loader. Surrey & England 1951-1963. M.C.C. tour of Australia & New Zealand 1954-55. Official M.C.C. Christmas card from the tour with cover image of the emblem of M.C.C., titles and M.C.C. colours to corners. To inside a printed image of the team and the seasonal message. Signed 'To Ralph, Vera and the kids.... from Pete x. Baby its warm out here. The card sent to his brother. Good/very good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 64:
Lot 64
'New Zealand tour of the United Kingdom 1949'. Official tour Christmas card with New Zealand 'fern' emblem and titles to front, 'Emu' and message to inside pages and printed image of the team to rear cover. Sender unknown. Good condition
Estimate: £25/35
Lot 65:
Lot 65 Lot 65 Lot 65
Commonwealth Cricket Team tours of India 1949/50 and 1950/51. Official pre-printed Christmas cards from the tour with front card wrappers, the 1949/50 showing the pavilion at the Cricket Club of India, Bombay with various national cricket emblems to corners. With Christmas verse and picture of the team with title and names printed below to inside pages. Signed from ''George Tribe', Northamptonshire & Australia, to Len Maddocks of Australia. Lacking ribbon tie. The 1950/51 card with Commonwealth XI colours and Christmas message to front cover, printed image of the team and Christmas message, signed G.W. Duckworth, Lancashire & England, some vertical creasing to front cover, adhesive marks to rear cover otherwise in good condition. A pair of rare tour Christmas cards
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 66:
Lot 66 Lot 66
Australian tour of South Africa 1957/58. Official tour Christmas card with kangaroo image and titles to front cover and printed team picture and Christmas greeting to inside pages. Signed to 'Heather & Len (Maddocks, Australia) from Colin McDonald, a member of the Australian touring party. G
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 67:
Lot 67 Lot 67
Australian tour of South Africa 1966/67. Official tour Christmas card with Australian crest and titles to front cover and printed names of the touring party and Christmas greeting to inside pages. Signed 'Best Wishes Bob Simpson', the Australian Captain. With original envelope. G
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 68:
Lot 68
Frank Townsend. Gloucestershire, 1870-1891. One page handwritten letter, sent from Llantrissant House, Clifton, dated 31st May 1889. The letter appears to have been sent to a newspaper, possibly the Editor. 'Dear Sir, Will you very kindly insert enclosed in your Monday's issue' Very nicely signed in ink by Townsend. Minor marks to verso otherwise in good/very good condition. A rarely seen letter from Townsend
Estimate: £100/150
The Townsend cricketing dynasty is unique in cricket history as four consecutive generations of Townsend's have graced the first class cricket stage. Frank Townsend, a free scoring middle order batsman and slow under-arm bowler played 169 matches for Gloucestershire between 1870-1891 and regularly played with W.G. Grace in the Gloucestershire team. He made two centuries with a highest score of 136 and took 101 wickets with an average of 25.24 and a best of 6-31. He died in 1920
Lot 69:
Lot 69
Levi George Wright. Derbyshire 1883-1909. Single page handwritten letter in ink written on Midland Railway Chief Mechanical Engineer's Office letterhead and dated 20th July 1914. Wright is writing to an unknown correspondent thanking him for the receipt of the 'American Cricketer'. He continues, 'I am sorry to tell you I have given up the game and taken to the ancient [game] of bowls. I was far from well last year and took to bowls as a lighter recreation. I am glad to say I am well again now though but cannot very well intrude on the younger generation although the longing for a game occasionally comes over me'. Signed 'L.G. Wright'. Horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 70:
Lot 70 Lot 70
Evelyn Rockley Wilson. Yorkshire & England 1899-1923. Two page handwritten letter to George Hirst, Yorkshire & England 1891-1929. The letter dated 25th February 1945 and sent from Winchester. 'My Dear George Just a line to hope you are well. It is sad to think you are no longer on the Active List, but no man has served a county so long!. As an old friend of our family I thought you might like to have this memoir of Clem. We think it is well and simply done. D.H.C. (D.H. Crick) is the Bishop of Chester. I hope you and Mrs George are both well. let us hope that before long we shall meet again at a cricket match. No more now. Yours ever my dear George, E. Rockley Wilson. No answer please!'. VG
Estimate: £150/250
Lot 71:
Lot 71
William Gilbert Grace. Gloucestershire & England, 1870-1899. One page hand written letter, on London County Cricket Club letterhead, from Grace to 'Southerton' regarding playing in a match and also having some golf practice 'If you are not engaged, come over Monday morning. Say meet me 10.30 at the cricket pavilion at the Palace, we can have an hours golf practice, if you like or I could see you at my house tomorrow Sunday 12 or 12.30. In haste... ps If I do not see you tomorrow, I shall expect you Monday morning'. Nicely signed 'Yours truly W.G. Grace and dated 27th October 1906. Sold with a further London County Cricket Club Annual Subscription form, dated 1st May 1907 nicely signed by Grace for a two guinea subscription to the club, made out to a J.C. Maclaren of 18 Northgate, Warwick. The two items attractively window mounted with two images of Grace playing cricket for London County and two postcard, one of the London County team and one of the Crystal Palace cricket ground. Mounted, framed and glazed. Overall 40"x25". VG
Estimate: £200/300
Lot 72:
Lot 72 Lot 72
William Norman Birkett 1883-1962. Two page typed letter from Birkett to the publisher 'Mr [Les] Gutteridge' written on Royal Courts of Justice letterhead and dated 31st October 1955. Birkett is replying to an enquiry about a poem that Birkett's wife, a keen cricketer, was given by a friend. Birkett feels it may have been written by T.P. Cameron Wilson who wrote an unpublished poem on 'Sportsmen in Paradise' (Padwick 6545, a facsimile typed copy of the poem is included). Birkett concludes with advise on contacts for Gutteridge to make further enquiries. Nicely signed in ink 'Norman Birkett'. Folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Lord Birkett was a judge at the Nuremberg Trials, a Member of Parliament, a Vice-President of Lancashire C.C.C., and author of 'The Game of Cricket'. Wilson was an English poet and novelist of the First World War, best known for his poem 'Magpies in Picardy' published posthumously in 1919 by The Poetry Bookshop
Lot 73:
Lot 73
John Betjeman. Poet, writer and broadcaster. Single page typed letter on 43, Cloth Fair, London letterhead dated 15th December 1960. Writing to P.A.L. Barling, Betjeman states, 'I can't make definite arrangements more than three months ahead now; if I do I find I am always having to cancel things. If you will write again in, say, July, I can let you have a definite answer'. Signed in ink 'John Betjeman'. At the time Barling was responsible for organising functions for the Cricket Society. G
Estimate: £80/120
Betjeman, a keen cricket follower, was Poet Laureate from 1972 until his death in 1984, and was a founding member of the Victorian Society
Lot 74:
Lot 74
Thomas Bignall 'Tommy' Mitchell. Derbyshire & England 1928-1939. Single page handwritten letter in ink from Mitchell to a collector. The letter written in later years, probably c1990. Mitchell is replying to a request to sign a collection of cigarette cards which he is duly returns. He describes Boycott as 'a very dedicated cricketer, one of the best, but his principal is all wrong, or was all wrong'. Signed 'T.B. Mitchell'. G
Estimate: £30/50
Mitchell was a member of the M.C.C. team on the infamous 'Bodyline' tour to Australia 1932/33. He made his Test debut in the fourth Test at Brisbane in which he took three wickets in England's victory by six wickets. His fifth and final Test was against South Africa at Lord's in 1935
Lot 75:
Lot 75
Arthur Jepson. Nottinghamshire 1938-1959. Two page handwritten letter dated 24th August 1950 to John Arlott. Jepson is writing to thank Arlott for an article Arlott had written, and Jepson assures him that it will be published in full. He closes by inviting Arlott to stay at their next meeting. Signed 'Arthur'. The second page heavily trimmed with some trimming to the first, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 76:
Lot 76
Alfred Henry John Cochrane. Derbyshire & Oxford University 1884-1888. Single page handwritten letter in ink dated 2nd March 1898 from Cochrane to the writer and publisher, E.B.V. Christian. Cochrane is writing to say that he could provide 'two Cricket Stories, about 2500 words each. One has already been published and the other has not. Before deciding however I should be very much obliged if you would let me know what sort of scale the payment would be on. It is the unpublished story, which I think is the better of the two, that I mind most about as I could probably sell it for 3 guineas'. Nicely signed 'Alfred Cochrane'. G/VG
Estimate: £50/80
Alfred Cochrane was a noted cricket writer and contributed many articles to cricket magazines. E.B.V. Christian also wrote about cricket and other subjects including law
Lot 77:
Lot 77
Walter Sugg. Derbyshire & Yorkshire 1884-1902. Single page handwritten memorandum on 'Frank Sugg, Outfitter' letterhead dated 9th November 1889. 'Have much pleasure in complying with your request'. Signed 'Walter Sugg'. Slight smudging to the signature, small adhesive marks and creasing, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Walter and his brother, Frank Sugg (Derbyshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire & England 1884-1899 ran their sports outfitter shop in Lord Street, Liverpool and also published 'Sugg's Cricket Annual' from 1894 to 1905
Lot 78:
Lot 78
Francis Thomas 'Frank' Mann. Cambridge University, Middlesex & England 1909-1931. Page written in ink in Mann's own hand listing his cricket career, 'Malvern College XI 1904-1907. Cambridge XI 1909. 1910. 1911. Middlesex XI 1908-1928. Captain 1921-1928. Gents v Players, Lords, Captain 1922, 1923, 1924. M.C.C. tour in South Africa. Captain. 1922-1923'. Nicely signed to the top of the page 'Frank T. Mann' and dated 1943. Sold with a trimmed original press photograph of Mann full length wearing M.C.C. blazer etc. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 79:
Lot 79 Lot 79
Conroy Levers Gunasekara. Ceylon 1948-1964. Two page handwritten letter from Gunasekara at his home in Colombo to 'My dear Crampton', dated 3rd March 1952. Gunasekara is writing in reply to a request for his autograph and comments on cricket in Ceylon. 'We in Ceylon are unfortunately not up to International standard yet although it is a game that is immensely popular. I thoroughly enjoyed the Commonwealth game & you have no doubt read the result of the second M.C.C. match vs Ceylon which I'm afraid was rather a fiasco for us'. The matches to which he refers relate to the M.C.C. tour to India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1951/52, M.C.C. v Commonwealth XI, Colombo 16th-18th February 1952 in which Gunasekara scored 135 playing for the Commonwealth in a team that included Keith Miller and Neil Harvey, and M.C.C. v Ceylon, Colombo 22nd-24th February 1952. G/VG
Estimate: £40/60
Gunasekara's uncle was Dr Churchill Hector Gunasekara who played for Middlesex 1919-1922 and captained Ceylon in the 1930s
Lot 80:
Lot 80
Challen Hasler Lufkin Skeet. Oxford University & Middlesex 1919-1922. Single page handwritten letter from Skeet writing while in Sudan to 'Mr Milne', dated 7th July 1934(?). Skeet is replying in his spidery handwriting to a request for his autograph. Signed 'C.H.L. Skeet'. Sold with a small original sepia photograph of Skeet walking out to bat wearing a Middlesex cap. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
In Plum Warner's last match for Middlesex and the final match of the 1920 county season, Skeet's innings of 106 in an opening partnership of 208 with H.W. Lee (108) in the second innings helped Middlesex to an unlikely victory to clinch the County Championship
Lot 81:
Lot 81
Humphrey Neild Kent. Middlesex 1920. Single page handwritten letter from Kent to 'Dear Alston', dated 22nd June 1949. Kent is writing to say he is unavailable to play in a match. 'Have just been telephoned about a new show & I start rehearsing next week'. Signed 'H.N. Kent'. Some foxing and folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Humphrey Kent played only two matches for Middlesex, both in 1920, and only two other first class matches, for Free Foresters v Oxford University in 1922 and for M.C.C. v Wales in 1927. As an actor he appeared in a number of films in the 1940s and 1950s

Lot 82: No lot
Lot 83:
Lot 83
Edward Salterne Litteljohn. Middlesex 1900-1914. Small note very nicely signed in ink by Litteljohn 'With Compliments' and dated 25th May 1934. The page unevenly trimmed, not affecting the signature. G
Estimate: £40/60
Litteljohn occasionally captained the Middlesex side in the absence of Plum Warner
Lot 84:
Lot 84
Richard Haynes Twining. Oxford University & Middlesex 1910-1928. Single page handwritten letter from Twining to the cricket historian and writer, J.D. Coldham, dated 13th April 1956. Twining writes to say 'I am very happy to send you my autograph to add to your "Golden Age" collection. It is an awful long time ago!'. Sold with a mono press photograph of Twining walking out to bat. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Twining was President of Middlesex C.C.C. from 1950 to 1957 and President of M.C.C. in 1964
Lot 85:
Lot 85
Richard Haynes Twining. Oxford University & Middlesex 1910-1928. Small note written in Twining's own hand listing his cricket playing details, 'Eton XI 1907, 8, 9 (capt). Oxford XI 1910, 11, 12, 13 - Capt in 1912. Middlesex 1912-27. Born 3 Nov 1889'. Nicely signed to top 'R.H. Twining'. Sold with a Pinnace miniature trade card, no 141.C c1924 of Twining. VG
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 86:
Lot 86
Pelham Francis 'Plum' Warner. Oxford University, Middlesex & England 1894-1920. Small note written in ink in Warner's own hand listing his cricket career, 'President Middlesex C.C.C. 1937. Captain Middlesex 1907-1920. Captain M.C.C. Team in Australia 1903-04 & 1911-12. Captain MCC Team in South Africa 1905-06. Captain MCC Team in South America 1926-27. Captain Lord Hawke's Team in New Zealand 1902-03. Captain M.C.C. Team in Holland 1928. Chairman Board of Control Selection Committee 1926, 1931, 1932, 1935, 1936, 1937'. Nicely signed to top 'P.F. Warner'. Small repair to lower left corner not affecting the content, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 87:
Lot 87
Gerald Edward Victor 'Gerry' Crutchley. Oxford University & Middlesex 1910-1930. Single page handwritten letter in ink from Crutchley to 'Mr Milne', dated 30th October 1942. Crutchley writes to send a photograph 'to replace that which was destroyed... [it] is hardly reminiscent of the cricket field! But if it serves I am happy to send it'. Very nicely signed 'Gerald E.V. Crutchley'. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 88:
Lot 88
Mordaunt Henry Caspers Doll. Cambridge University & Middlesex 1908-1919. Single page handwritten letter in ink from Doll to an unknown correspondent, dated 3rd June 1934. Doll is replying to a request for his autograph and how he has had to give up playing cricket through illness. Signed 'M.H.C. Doll'. Vertical crease, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 89:
Lot 89
Francis Alfred 'Frank' Tarrant. Victoria, Middlesex & Europeans 1898-1937. Single page handwritten letter in ink from Tarrant dated 21st August 1946, replying to a request for autographs and photographs. Signed 'F.A. Tarrant'. Sold with a 'Force' Bat postcard and a Wills's cigarettes card of Tarrant. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 90:
Lot 90
Meyrick Whitmore Payne. Cambridge University & Middlesex 1904-1929. Single page handwritten letter, dated 9th December 1954. Payne is replying to a request for information about Middlesex players which he unable to do as 'They are all long after my time. But of the first two, E.L. Mellin[?] I know is no longer living, & C.A.L. Payne, a cousin of mine, has lived all his life since 1907 in Vancouver. But I could not trace him when I was there in 1950, though I tried to do so'. Nicely signed 'M.W. Payne'. VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 91:
Lot 91 Lot 91
Cecil Arthur Lynch Payne. Middlesex & Oxford University 1905-1909. Two page handwritten letter in ink from Payne to 'My dear Helen', dated 12th June 1906. Payne is replying to an invitation to 'put me up for the Tonbridge match. Unfortunately I shall still be up here [Oxford] & playing cricket. He reports he has recently completed his final exams and is 'heartily thankful. I'm afraid the result will not be satisfactory', and looks forward to playing cricket until he leaves for France in July. He also states that he is 'on the look out for a job at which I can make my bread and butter. So far as I can see it will have to be bread without the butter!', Nicely signed 'Cecil A.L. Payne'. Adhesive damage to the first page, otherwise in good condition. Sold with a mono real photograph postcard of Payne standing at the wicket in batting pose. The photograph by Foster of Brighton, in very good condition
Estimate: £50/80
Payne scored 101 in his debut in first class cricket playing for M.C.C. v Derbyshire at Lord's in 1905, which remained his only first class century. Despite turning down the offer of accommodation in this letter, Payne did play for Middlesex against Kent at Tonbridge scoring 40 and 81 including a partnership of 182 with Plum Warner in the second innings. The match ended in a tense draw with Kent's last pair surviving not out. Payne's first class career ended early when he emigrated to Canada in 1910
Lot 92:
Lot 92 Lot 92
Eric Leslie Kidd. Cambridge University, Middlesex & Ireland 1910-1928. Single page handwritten letter from Kidd to 'Mr Crampton', dated 18th November 1977. Kidd writes enclosing his autograph as requested and adds that 'I [also] played for the Gentlemen at Lord's in 1912 & 1913 & at the Oval in 1913 & once after the war'. Signed 'E.L. Kidd'. G
Estimate: £30/40
Lot 92a:
F.S. Ashley-Cooper. Cricket writer. Two page handwritten letter in ink to E.B.V. Christian, dated 18th April 1912. Ashley-Cooper is writing to thank Christian for 'what you wrote about "Plum's" team in Australia. It was just what was required'. He declares his interest that Christian has 'a small idea of your own' and looks forward to meeting 'at The Oval one fine afternoon in the near future, & then I shall hope to hear you unfold your tail- I mean tale'. Two loose clippings are enclosed from the catalogue of Arthur Reader relating to books on early Law and the playing of unlawful games on the Sabbath. Signed 'F.S. Ashley-Cooper'. Very light foxing, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £70/100
Lot 93:
Lot 93 Lot 93
John Armstrong 'Jack' Fallows. Lancashire 1946. Two page handwritten letter to 'Mr Sokell' of the Wombwell Cricket Society, dated 29th December 1964. Fallows is writing to thank Sokell for his congratulations, and the significance that Wombwell holds for him, 'I was awarded my colours at Worksop'. He also offers to attend a Society meeting 'If you so decide... I might like it better as a non speaker, but would be quite prepared to say what was "Not Wrong" with our great game'. Signed 'Jack Fallows'. Creasing and folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £30/50
Fallows' twenty five first class matches were all for Lancashire in 1946 when he was appointed as Captain to help rebuild the Club after the War. He later served on the Lancashire committee
Lot 94:
Lot 94
Alfred J. Gaston. Cricket follower, writer & collector. Sepia real photograph postcard of the Vaughan Library and Chapel at Harrow. To verso a handwritten message in ink from Gaston to the collector Charles Pratt Green thanking him for his 'great kindness' and reporting that 'I wrote a nice paragraph about you in the "Sussex Daily News" on Tuesday last. I will send it on to you next week'. Signed 'A.J. Gaston'. The message is undated, but postmarked 11th August 1928. G
Estimate: £60/90
Lot 95:
Lot 95 Lot 95
Edgar M. Grace (son of E.M. Grace). Four page handwritten letter, dated 2nd April 1953, to Neville Weston, referring to Weston's research on W.G. Grace's scores in minor matches. Grace encloses 'lists of scores made by W.G. for Thornbury both Home and Away'. He reports that after W.G.'s death he had asked his aunt if there were records of his scores 'and was assured there were none' and suggests contacting his grandson, E.W. Grace. He also suggests contacting 'Eltham C.C. The Old London County (Crystal Palace) C.C.' and lists other local clubs, 'like Bedminster, Stapleton, Frenchay, Clifton, also Britton and Lonsdown. Then there were M.C.C. matches, United All England XI and many benefit matches, country house matches etc (Knowle Park). Grace also recommends F.S. Ashley-Cooper as a potential source, 'a keen admirer and compiler'. He concludes by stating, 'I think you will find it an almost impossible task as W.G. played for all and sundry on every conceivable occasion'. Nicely signed 'Edgar M. Grace'. An interesting insight into Weston's work on Grace. G/VG
Estimate: £70/100
Weston privately published his work, 'W.G. Grace The Great Cricketer. A Statistical Record of His Performances in Minor Cricket' in 1973
Lot 96:
Lot 96
Clarence Victor 'Clarrie' Grimmett. Wellington, Victoria, South Australia & Australia 1911-1941. Original five page handwritten draft of a letter in Grimmett's own hand to the cricket writer, 'Mr [David] Frith', replying to a request for details of his career. The manuscript is undated, but probably written c1970. Writing from his home in Firle, South Australia, Grimmett covers his cricket from childhood to the present. Subjects covered include his last tour to England in 1934 and his disappointment not to be selected for the 1938 tour, 'I felt at that time I was at the very top of my form and this was proved two years later by securing a record 69 wickets in first class cricket in Australia'. He recalls playing cricket 'from the age of 5 years' and representing the Wellington Schools in New Zealand where he grew up and being selected as a reserve for the New Zealand tour to Australia. Grimmett did not make the tour and soon after moved to Australia in 1914 where he played cricket in Sydney, and then represented Victoria in the Sheffield Shield. He lists some of the great players including Warwick Armstrong 'who had the widest bat I ever bowled against', Jack Ryder, Tom Andrews, Charles Macartney, Vern Ransford, Ted McDonald, and Stan McCabe, 'the greatest stroke maker I have ever seen'. He also recalls opposition players, Jack Hobbs 'the greatest batting technician of them all', Wally Hammond, George Headley and Wilfred Rhodes. Regarding Bradman, Grimmett claims 'he was uncomfortable against good length spin'. Other subjects covered include the challenge of bowling spin on fast Australian wickets, his dislike of short fast bowling, his concern that limited over cricket 'will gradually destroy cricket from a technical point of view' etc. With the handwritten draft is a copy of a typed version incorporating alterations to the original. A fascinating insight in to Grimmett's life and cricket career, originally from Grimmett's personal collection. G
Estimate: £100/150
Lot 97:
Lot 97
R.L. Hodgson. Journalist and author. Single page handwritten letter dated 22nd June 1929 from Hodgson writing using his pseudonym 'A County Vicar'. In the letter to H.W. Warner headed 'As at "The Cricketer' Office', Hodgson thanks Warner for his letter which had been forwarded to him by 'Your namesake, the Editor [P.F. Warner]... in which you say such pleasant things about "Angela". I am so glad you like her!' He closes with the hope that he might get to Canterbury for the Kent v Nottinghamshire match in August. Nicely signed 'A Country Vicar'. Originally from H.W. Warner's collection. Foxing, and adhesive marks to verso
Estimate: £50/80
Lot 98:
Lot 98 Lot 98
Henry Horton. Worcestershire & Hampshire 1946-1957. Two page handwritten letter from Horton to 'John [Arlott]', dated 5th April 1965. Horton thanks Arlott for payment to him of expenses by the B.B.C. 'for my lengthy spell on T.V.' and reports he has received 'a very nice cheque from Derrick Allen B.A.O.R. [British Army of the Rhine]' Signed 'Henry'. G/VG
Estimate: £30/50
Lot 99:
Lot 99 Lot 99
C.L.R. James. Cricket author and writer. Two page typed letter from James to John Arlott, dated 24th February 1965. James is writing asking for advice having recently been commissioned by the Observer, The Times and the publishers, Hutchinson, to cover the Australia tour to West Indies which was already underway, but that he was in very poor health having lost a lot of weight over the past year. James describes the conflicting medical advice received, first at the Hammersmith Hospital in London, and subsequently at the West Indies University, where he was told he 'was in a very bad way' and required surgery. He also describes his ongoing conflict with the American government, 'As I mentioned in Beyond a Boundary I was the editor of the paper which led the demand for the American naval base at Chaguaramas' which led to being refused permission to board a connecting flight to London at New York, and required to return to Jamaica at his own expense. He expresses great concern about being able to fulfil his journalist commitments and closes by asking for Arlott's advice as to how to 'do what is right by my sponsors and the standards of the profession to which we belong'. Signed with initials 'C.L.R.'. A rare James letter. G
Estimate: £120/180
C.L.R. James' 'Beyond a Boundary' was published in 1963 and was regarded by Arlott and others as the 'finest book written about cricket'
Lot 100:
Lot 100 Lot 100 Lot 100
King George V. Three page handwritten letter in ink from King George V to 'My dear Victor [Duke of Devonshire]', dated 18th August 1926. The King is writing to thank the Duke for his excellent hospitality during his stay at 'Bolton [Abbey]', meeting members of the Duke's family, and enjoying the shooting. Regarding cricket, the King states, 'I am delighted that we have won the Test match all right by 289 runs'. Nicely signed 'George R.I.'. Rare to see a royal letter with cricket content. Some soiling and creasing, generally in good condition. Sold with an original mono press photograph of the King accompanied by two of his sons at Lord's for the second Test, being introduced to two of the players by Lord Hawke. In the background attending dignitaries appear to include the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin. Odd faults, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £400/600
England's win referred to in the King's letter was the fifth Test at The Oval. With the first four Tests all drawn, England's victory clinched the Ashes series 1-0
Lot 101:
Lot 101
E.V.L. Lucas. Cricket author and essayist. Four page handwritten article written by Lucas in his distinctive hand on his Waldron, Sussex, letterhead. The subject of the article is John Small who played for Hampshire 1773-1798 and was an original member of Hambledon Cricket Club. About Small he writes, 'The first recorded match in which he played was for Hambledon against Caterham when he made 80; the last, for Hambledon, was in 1793, against the MCC when he made only 2 & 0'. He describes Small's other skills 'besides cricket: he was a fine skater[?] & a true shot' and, quoting Nyren, his 'skill as a musician both with the voice & the violin'. His early careers were as a shoemaker and gamekeeper 'and latterly took to making bats and balls' which were bought by Budd and M.C.C. who 'offered him a guinea a piece for them'. On his death a poet wrote the epitaph, 'Here lies, bowled out of really[?] unerring ball, A cricketer renowned, of name John Small'. Rust marks to top left corners, otherwise in good condition. Rare
Estimate: £120/160
John Small was one of the leading batsmen of the 18th century and is noted for his influences on the Laws of cricket including setting the maximum width of the bat, and the addition of the middle stump to the wicket
Lot 102:
Lot 102 Lot 102
John Masefield. Poet Laureate 1930-1967. Two page handwritten letter from Masefield on his Abingdon letterhead to Leslie Gutteridge. The letter is undated, the accompanying envelope is postmarked 10th November 1964. Masefield is writing to thank Gutteridge for his letter about 'the Australians in England, 1882' and of 'Major Bowen to offer to lend me his copy'. Masefield had written the lengthy poem 'Eight Five to Win' about England's attempts to score the runs needed to win the Test match at Kennington Oval, falling short by seven runs. The poem was first published in The Times on 29th August 1956, and a copy of the newspaper page is enclosed. Masefield also asks Gutteridge for information on when 'At some time, between about 1855-1885', an Eleven of Masefields played an Eleven of Lyttletons at (I think) Newport, Shropshire... I would like to know who the Masefields were. I expect they were pretty well rolled in the pitch against such another XI'. Signed 'John Masefield'. A rare cricket related Masefield letter
Estimate: £100/150
Lot 103:
Lot 103
George Augustus Frederick Pardon. Journalist and writer. Original death certificate of Pardon who died on the 5th August 1884. The certificate was issued in Canterbury and dated 23rd October 1884. Small adhesive marks to lower edge, slight tears to folds, otherwise in good/ very good condition
Estimate: £50/70
G.A.F. Pardon, had three sons, Charles, Sydney and Edgar, Charles and Edgar being successive editors of Wisden from 1887 to 1925. His family founded the Cricket Reporting Agency, and Pardon himself was a prolific writer including books on a wide range of sports, often using the pseudonym, 'Capt Crawley'
Lot 104:
Lot 104 Lot 104
W. Leigh Pemberton. Secretary to Lord Harris. Three page handwritten letter dated 23rd April 1888 from Pemberton writing on behalf of Lord Harris to Charles F. Pardon who at the time of writing was editor of Wisden. Harris wishes to 'assist a gentleman... who writes racing articles under the name of "Hector", & who is, I believe, anxious to obtain the post if racing correspondent to some high class newspaper'. He also requests information relating to the laws of cricket, 'What is the date when the revised edition of the laws of cricket was referred to a committee of M.C.C.? When were the verified laws first published for the consideration of the cricket world? Whether or not they were sent out to the Australian Colonies for their criticisms before approval by the M.C.C? And when were they finally approved?' Nicely signed 'W. Leigh Pemberton'. Additional notes below, presumably in Pardon's hand, 'Formally acknowledged with promise of information...' and 'Properly answered April 25th [18]88'. VG
Estimate: £50/70
Lot 105:
Lot 105
James Pycroft. Oxford University 1836-1838. Handwritten one page letter with blind embossed emblem to head for 'Brighton Union Club' dated 26th June (probably 1872). Assumed to be writing to Spencer Ponsonby, Pycroft thanks him for information and 'I hope by the beginning of next season to dedicate a 6th edition of my "Cricket Field" to the Zingari as Charles Leigh tells me I may do'. Signed 'James Pycroft'. VG
Estimate: £80/120
James Pycroft is chiefly known for writing 'The Cricket Field', one of the earliest books about cricket, first published in 1851. The sixth edition was published in 1873 without the dedication
Lot 106:
Lot 106
W.H. Slatter. Clerk of Works and groundstaff player at Lord's. Two page handwritten letter date 28th March 1921 from Slatter to the collector and dealer, A.J. Gaston. Slatter thanks Gaston for his letter 'and enclose Book as desired'. He states he 'was in the service of the M.C.C. for over 56 years retiring therefrom at the end of 1919'. He describes his 'good collection of Cricket Pictures, Books etc but having only a small house here I had no room for them. I had to dispose of them most at a great sacrifice'. He has further items he wishes to sell including 'The first four Vols of Lillywhites Scores and Biographies, some Lillywhites guides of the fifties... Cricket Almanacs, Cricket Bills 1847-8 and other curios', and offers to provide a detailed list and viewing at 'Warsops Bat Factory' in Regents Park. He ends with a description of the work he carried out to renovate William Lillywhite's monument in Highgate Cemetary having found it in poor condition when sent to inspect it. Nicely signed 'W.H. Slatter'. To the top left corner of the first page Gaston has written and signed 'Bought. A.J. Gaston'. Adhesive marks to one edge of each page, the second page with loss to the right edge, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £100/150
Slatter published his 'Recollections of Lord's and the Marylebone Cricket Club' in 1914
Lot 107:
Lot 107
Alfred Daniel Taylor. Handwritten two page letter from Taylor, famous cricket author (wrote many books on Sussex cricket), to the collector Charles Pratt Green. The letter written from Hove Place, W. Brighton and dated 20th August 1899. Taylor opens by asking Green for his 'acceptance of enclosed'. He relates meeting 'Mr Gaston today and he tells me you are unable to procure a copy of the Worcester v Hants score card, when the Fosters created the double "double century" record. He says you are doubtful whether any were printed, so it may interest you to know that I have one in my possession. I wrote for it immediately after the match, and it arrived promptly'. Nicely signed in ink 'Alfred D. Taylor'. Some age toning, otherwise good/ very good condition
Estimate: £70/100
The scorecard for the match to which Taylor refers was Worcestershire v Hampshire 27th-29th July 1899 in which two of the Foster brothers, Wilfred and 'Tip' both scored centuries in each innings for Worcestershire
Lot 108:
Lot 108
Don Bradman. Original single page typed letter from Bradman from his address in Kensington Park, South Australia, dated 11th August 1994. Replying to repeated requests for autographs, Bradman requests that packets should no longer be sent to him by 'Certified Mail' as it involves time consuming and inconvenient round trips to the post office to collect and then return the signed items. He asks that in future to 'send packets by ordinary mail. Hundreds of other people risk their packages to ordinary post every day'. Nicely signed in ink by Bradman. VG
Estimate: £50/80
Bradman's wife, Jessie, had recently undergone major surgery and his own health was not good at this time
Lot 109:
Lot 109
Edgar Mervyn Grace, son of Edward Mills Grace. Single page handwritten letter written in ink from the family home of Park House, Thornbury, dated 5th February 1952. Grace is replying to a request for a copy of the signatures of 'the three Graces'. Nicely signed 'Edgar M. Grace'. Horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise in good condition
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 110:
Lot 110 Lot 110
Walter Arnold Hadlee. Canterbury, Otago & New Zealand 1933-1952. Single page handwritten letter dated 26th August 1987 replying to a request for autographs. Nicely signed 'Walter Hadlee'. Sold with two original full page receipts on Slazengers Ltd letterhead, one dated 31st January 1934, the other issued to Cyril Washbrook, 28th April 1950 for items including a pair of buckskin leg guards. Also a page of printed England and Australia signatures produced by Jaeger Co. Ltd 'on the occasion of the Second Test Match June 27- July 1 1930'. Qty 4. G
Estimate: £40/60
Lot 111:
Lot 111 Lot 111
Frederick Robert Spofforth. New South Wales, Victoria & Australia 1874-1888. 'The British Isles, winners of the Davis Cup 1912'. Official four page folding menu for the Dinner held at the Cafe Royal on the 7th April 1913 in honour of the British Isles winning team, C.P. Dixon, A.E. Beamish, F. Gordon Lowe and J.C. Parke. The menu with silvered image of the Davis Cup and titles to top border and beneath the menu and wine list. To the back of the menu 'The Toast List' and entertainment for the evening. The back of the menu has been signed in pencil by the famous Australian Fast bowler 'Frederick Spofforth 'The Demon Bowler' plus Percy Rootham, Vice President of the Lawn Tennis Association, Albert Prebble a leading tennis and badminton player of the time plus two others. The two inner pages blank, splitting to the fold of the menu which is almost detached otherwise in very good condition. Spofforth's signature is rarely seen. From the Percy Rootham collection
Estimate: £800/1200
Spofforth, the 'Demon Bowler' was arguably the Australian cricket team's finest pace bowler of the nineteenth century and was the first bowler to take 50 Test wickets and the first to take a test hat-trick in 1879. He played in Test Matches for Australia between 1877 and 1887 taking ninety four wickets at an average of 18.41. In 1888 at the end of his first class career he settled in England and married an Englishwoman and played for Derbyshire (not first class) from 1889 to 1891. Derbyshire CCC tried unsuccessfully to persuade the County Cricket Council to allow him to play for Derbyshire without waiting for the usual two years' residential qualification. However, Yorkshire were willing to waive the point so that Spofforth could play against them in two matches in the 1889 season. In one of these games he took fifteen Yorkshire wickets for 81 runs. With the residential qualification met in the following year, Spofforth was able not only to play for Derbyshire but to captain the side in the 1890 season. In England, he went into business as a tea-merchant and became the managing director of the Star Tea Company which belonged to his wife's father and was very successful. He revisited Australia on more than one occasion and retained his interest in the game to the end. Spofforth died on the eve of the 1926 Ashes series from chronic colitis at the age of 72. He left a fortune of $164,000 The 1912 International Lawn Tennis Challenge was the 11th edition of what is now known as the Davis Cup. After a six-year hiatus, France rejoined the competition; however, the United States pulled out of the competition. In the final, the British Isles regained the Cup from Australasia. The final was played at the Albert Ground in Melbourne, Australia on 28-30 November. Having regained the Davis Cup in 1912, the British Isles did not win it again until 1933
Lot 112:
Lot 112
Hugh Trumble. Victoria & Australia 1887-1904 and Warwick Windridge Armstrong. Victoria & Australia 1898-1921. Warwick Armstrong and Hugh Trumble. Victoria & Australia. 'Melbourne Cricket Club. Nomination of new member' Original printed membership form for a Mr D.G. Patterson dated 23rd December 1918 very nicely signed in ink by the proposer and club secretary, Hugh Trumble and by the seconder, Warwick Armstrong. Excellent ink signatures of the two Australian cricketers. Nick to corner and vertical fold otherwise in good/very good condition
Estimate: £200/300
Lot 113:
Lot 113
'The Surrey County Cricket Club. Dinner to the Australian Cricket Team 1930'. Scarce official menu for the Dinner held at Skinners' Hall on the 26th May 1930. The Chairman H.D.G. Leveson-Gower. The menu with titles to front, with raised gold Surrey emblem, menu and toast list to centre pages and scene of play at Kennington Oval to rear cover. The menu front cover has a small original pencil drawing/ image of a lady from the 1920/30's, using the ribbon tie as a hair bow, cleverly drawn by Arthur Mailey and signed by Mailey and nicely signed to rear cover by Don Bradman and Tim Wall of Australia and J.C. White of Somerset & England in pencil. Repaired split to spine fold otherwise in good/very good condition. Rare
Estimate: £200/300
Lot 114:
Lot 114 Lot 114
'The Surrey County Cricket Club. Dinner to the West Indian Cricket Team 1928'. Scarce official menu for the Dinner held at the Kennington Oval on the 12th May 1928. The Chairman- G.H. Longman, President of the Surrey County Cricket Club. The menu with titles to front, with raised gold Surrey emblem, menu and toast list to centre pages and scene of play at Kennington Oval to rear cover. The rear cover of the menu has been nicely signed in ink by fifteen members and officials of the Surrey and West Indian teams who played in the tour match at the Oval on the 12th-15th May 1928. Signatures include Douglas Jardine, Leveson-Gower, Hobbs, Peach, Sandham, Shepherd, Cook, Bartlett, Rae, Hoad, Fernandes, Scott, Jeacocke etc. Bartlett and O.C. Scott have also handwritten their addresses in the West Indies to the inside pages of the menu. Some splitting to spine fold, some marks and staining to menu covers otherwise in good condition. Rare
Estimate: £200/300
Lot 115:
Lot 115 Lot 115
L.N. Constantine's Testimonial Match 1949. Official printed scorecard for the A West Indian XI v A Liverpool and District XI played at Bootle Cricket Ground on the 17th July 1949, signed in ink to the printed team listing to inner pages at the scorecard entry by ten members of the West Indian team. Signatures include Frederick, Allan Rae, Everton Weekes, Constantine, Clarke, Achong, Ablack, Messado etc. Light horizontal folds otherwise in good/very good condition
Estimate: £80/120

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